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Indian Rummy

Indian rummy is nothing but the game of rummy with some modified rules. Right from the British era, games like poker, bridge, and rummy have been greatly appreciated and loved by Indian card game lovers. It is evident that a lot of people in India are into these games. A lot of casinos and clubs offer card games, and through their big crowd visit, one can always understand the popularity of these games in India. Like other rummy games, Indian rummy can also be played with a minimum of two and a maximum of 4 players. The games are more or less similar, but have a few twists and turns in the rules, making it one of the local favourites. For instance, you will find rummy being played with 10 cards each, but Indian rummy has to be played with 13 cards each. So these are few of the differences that exist. Otherwise the game is similar to how it is played in other countries. With continuous increase in people’s interest for the game, online rummy in India is surely picking up pace.

How to Play

Playing Indian rummy is very much similar to that of any other country. The only difference is that in Indian rummy, you get 13 cards to play with. So the objective is same as the general rummy game. You have to get rid of the 13 cards that you have in your hands. The person, who is first in getting rid of his or her cards, is declared as the winner. The deals are made when all the cards are kept upside down. If you have played general rummy or if you are aware of the rules of general rummy, then Indian rummy will not at all be a problem for you!

Rules and Strategy

The rules of Indian rummy do differ from general rummy, but the overall concept is similar. Indian rummy has all together 13 cards to play with. This means, you will have 13 cards initially in comparison to the normal rummy. For two to four players, generally 2 decks are used. For more players, it changes to 4 decks. The objective of getting rid of the cards is similar. You need to get rid of the cards through sets and runs. Sets are similar cards of different suits like 3 kings of spade, heart and clubs. Runs are adjacent cards of same suits, like 6, 7, and 8 of hearts. The difference again that Indian rummy online brings out is that in order to win, one will have to have at least a set or a run which is pure in nature. This applies if wild cards are being used. In other words, you are required to have at least a set or a run which does not have any wild cards in it. The person who winds has 0 points and all the other players get points on the number of cards they held. Apart from that, if a person winds in a single hand, then the other players get points for the number of cards they hold along with a penalty of 25 points.

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