Disconnection Policy

At Adda52rummy, we understand how annoying it can be if you get disconnected during an important rummy game. To save you from losing points, we have formulated a Disconnection Policy which reduces the losses of the player.

Important points of the Disconnection Policy are:
  • Disconnection Timer

    Disconnected is defined as loss of internet connectivity which our system will automatically detect. A disconnection timer is enabled in case a player gets disconnected during a rummy game.

  • If a player’s disconnection is detected during a rummy game, after the standard user turn, the disconnection timer is activated.

  • During a disconnection, a players hand is not played at all. This means that when user turn comes and he is disconnected, the timer will start ticking and once it gets over, the user turn will move to next user. This will continue till user re-connects or disconnection timer time elapses.

  • If a player gets disconnected during his turn when he has already picked a card then after time elapses, the system will discard the picked card and turn will move to next user.

  • If player gets reconnected during disconnection timer, timer will stop at action taken by the user. The time left will be used during next disconnection.

  • If reconnected during disconnection timer, and time left is less than 20 seconds, a minimum of 20 seconds will be given to the user to perform action.

  • If disconnected during declaration, disconnection timer left will be available to the user other than the MELD_TIME of 45 seconds. After disconnection timer no further time bank slot will be availed if left or not.

  • If disconnected during melding, an equal MELD_TIME_EXTENSION of 30 seconds is given (no disconnection timer given), other than the MELD_TIME of 45 seconds. No further extension is given.

  • Each player gets one Disconnection timer per game.

Note - If a player doesn’t reconnect within 3 minutes of the total game time then he will be removed from that game/table and his hand will be folded. This holds true for rummy tournaments also though in some important tournaments, the disconnection timer is sometimes changed as to not remove the player from his seat even if he gets disconnected but not get reconnected.

  • Time Bank Slots

    The time bank available to a player during a disconnection is divided into time slots.

  • The time bank allotted for a table is divided into 3 equal time slots.

  • Any slot once used by a user, will be lost.

  • At most one slot, if left, to be used with one user turn

  • During declaration, at max one time bank slot can be availed, if available, other than the MELD_TIME of 45 seconds.

  • During melding, an equal MELD_TIME_EXTENSION of 30 seconds to be given (no time bank slot given) , other than the MELD_TIME of 45 seconds.