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Rummy FAQ

Rummy is a group of card games which is very popular around the world. This is said to be the ancestral to all rummy games. Rummy comes under the category of draw and discard games & is played with a set of playing cards, based on matching similar card types. While playing rummy, the player has to improve his hand (forming a particular set or sequence, abiding by the standard rules of the game) by picking up a card from the closed pile or discard pile. The 13 card rummy is most commonly played in India, usually with two packs of cards and players ranging from 2 to 6. Each player has to make 4 hands (The aim is to make 4 sets from the hand. Any one set of 4 cards & three sets of 3 cards each). The player who declares after completing his four hands first, is the winner.


We have gone through great lengths to ensure that we remain legal and the games offered on like Rummy are games which involve substantial skill. The structure of the games offered on our web-site, which is our intellectual property, is duly supported by legislations and judicial pronouncements prevailing in India. In order to ensure that the manner in which we are offering games on our website is legal, we have got the same approved and verified by some of the leading legal jurists in India including Constitutional, Criminal and Corporate law firms and counsels. Based upon our research, we believe that the games we offer are legal. The players are welcome to address any queries they may have by writing to our customer support.


We are supported in our view of the game of rummy being a game of skill and being completely legal by various judicial pronouncements and legislative enactments. There are a number of other websites as well which have been successfully conducting the game of Rummy for stake in India and they have relying upon the judicial precedents managed to overcome all legal impediments till date. This is however an ongoing process with litigations pending at various forums and we are keeping a close watch on the same. We ourselves also have a legal team working constantly on trying to ensure that there is more and more clarity and certainty in the laws qua gaming in India. We are also engaged in litigations to bring about this clarity in law and while the website has taken every precaution possible to remain absolutely legal, the players are advised to check their local laws if in doubt. We believe that we are legal based upon a catena of judgments of the Supreme Court of India starting from the Satyanarayan judgment of 1968 to the Laxmanan judgment in 1996 and the more recent judgments of various High Courts reiterating the stand. Apart from these judgments there are also legislations supporting the stand of the Company and as of today there is no restriction whatsoever from offering the aforementioned games. There are however a couple of judgments to the contrary including a recent judgment of the Chennai High Court and an opinion rendered by a Trial Court in Delhi, which are now pending before the higher forums and are under challenge. As things stand however, it would be safe to say that the games being offered by the company are legal in India and players playing on our website with or without stake are competing in a legal manner.

Note: For any further queries on legality, please use ‘contact us’ option at our website. offers the 13 Card Rummy online with following variants:

* 101 Pool

* Best of Three

* Points Rummy

and 21 Card Rummy online with the following variant:

* Points Rummy


Yes, playing Rummy online on comes with the flexibility for the user to play with or without cash. A click on “Play Rummy” will take you to the “Lobby”. Click on “Cash or Practice” tab, choose any table and start playing rummy game to earn cash or just for fun.


It is simple. Just follow these steps :

1. Create an Account. Register with us by entering a Username and Password.

2. Login to your account using the Username and Password you registered with.

3. Click on the 'Play Now' button and there you go.


The aim is to arrange all the 13 cards in hand to form minimum two sequences, among which one must be a pure sequence. The remaining cards can be arranged into valid sets and sequences. Whichever player makes the required sets and sequences first wins the game.


The aim is to arrange all the 21 cards in hand to form atleast three pure sequences. The remaining cards can be grouped into valid sequences and sets. Whichever player makes the required sets and sequences first wins the game.


Tables in the “Lobby” are arranged according to the “value points” and “Buy-in amount”, so you can choose a table to play the games accordingly.


Once you have chosen a table and entered the playing area, click on ‘SIT’ and thus you are given a seat to play.


Drawing and Discarding of cards as in a turn is described as follows:

Draw - For every turn, the player must draw a card; either the top most card from the Closed deck or the last discarded card from the Discard Pile

Discard - Every player must end his turn by placing one card from his hand face up on the Discard Pile


Suppose you pick the last card from the Closed deck. The Discard Pile is reshuffled and put face down as the new Closed deck. The card you discard goes to form a new Discard Pile.


The game can only be finished when a player Declares.

1. If all the cards of the Hand are made into valid sets & sequences, only then a player should declare.

2. At the time of declaring, the player needs to select the combination of cards for declaring.

3. After declaring, the player needs to Meld the cards, that is place all the cards into valid sets and sequences, thereafter send them for Validation.

4. The player has 45 seconds to meld the cards.


If all the cards of the Hand are made into valid sets and sequences, then the player should declare.

1. At the time of declaring, the player needs to select the combination of cards for declaring.

2. After declaring, the player needs to Meld the cards, that is put all the cards in hand into valid sets and sequences, thereafter send them for Validation.

3. The player has 45 seconds to meld the cards.


The point system is as follows:

1. More the points, lower the player's rank.

2. The face cards and ace own a value of 10 points. J / Q / K / A - 10 points

3. The numbered cards have a value equal to their face value.

4. The Joker has ZERO points.

5. The winner gets ZERO points, while the other players get points according to their cards.

6. In case a player fails to make the needed straight sequences, (one pure, without Joker and second with or without a Joker) then points of ALL the cards in the hand are added (maximum of 80).

7. In case the two straight sequences are made, then the points of the cards which are not melded in valid sets are added.

8. Maximum allocated to a hand can be 80 points


1x, 2x, 5x refers to the rupee value of each point in a Points Rummy game. For e.g. in a “Points Rummy 1x” game, the rupee value of each point is 1 i.e. 1 point = Rs.1, in a “Points Rummy 5x” game, the rupee value of each point is 5 i.e. 1 point = Rs.5 etc.


The fee charged is 12% for 5x and above tables, while the fees is 15% for lower tables. This fee is deducted before the winning amount is credited in the winner's account. The above mentioned fee also includes a service tax component which our company duly deposits with the Indian tax authorities.


Please refer to the Rummy Tournaments section.


Practice chips can be used to play Practice games. These chips are completely free and can be replenished from the playing area at any time. Real chips are used to play in real cash tournaments. Real chips can be obtained by depositing money using our secure online gateway. To know more about how to deposit money, refer to Banking FAQ.


Let’s take an example. Say you are playing in a Real cash game on a 2 player/101 Pool table with 25 Buy in points. In this case 25 real chips will be deducted from your account for playing this cards game. If you win the game, the site shall deduct a small percentage of the winning amount to cover for its operational costs and the balance amount will be credited back to your account. In this example, 45 chips will be credited back to your account. You can check these transactions in account summary under my account.


The minimum amount that you need to play is 8 real chips (on our 0.1x 13 card Points Rummy table). For 21card marriage rummy, the smallest 0.1x table buy-in is 24 chips.



Yes, there is a time limit of 45 seconds.


The “Timer” or the “Time- box” next to your seat shows the time available to play your turn. The bar around the box moves and changes color gradually, starting with green and ending with red.


If you do not act within the stipulated time, you lose your turn. If you keep losing your turn three times in a row, you get dropped out automatically.


In case of “connection failure” or “disconnection”, you get two turns while waiting for reconnection. If still not reconnected, your game is dropped.


Yes, you can. There is a “chat-box” next to your seat. Proper ‘play-table etiquettes’ should be observed. Chat should be polite and cordial. Avoid arguments and foul language.


Yes, you can change the theme of your game window to break monotony.

Banking FAQ

It's easy to deposit money on

Create an account by filling up simple details.

Go to 'My Account' page.

Click on Buy & agree to the terms and conditions.

You can deposit an amount between the min & max. deposit limit. This will be shown to you on the Cash Deposit page.


The bonus chips that are awarded to a player in addition to chips purchased by him on entering a bonus code at the time of transaction is known as Deposit Bonus. The bonus chips awarded are called “Locked Bonus chips” because one cannot use the Locked Bonus chips to play in the real cash games. Once you accumulate loyalty points, the bonus chips will be unlocked automatically. To know more, visit our "Bonus Offers" Page. accepts payments by Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Netbanking & Pay By Cash.


Easiest way to download Android apk is giving a missed call to +9170972 00071 OR click on Android icon on top right corner at: To download Apple iOS app, just search for Adda52 Rummy on Apple App Store Or click here: from your mobile device. 

The minimum deposit that you can make is INR 25. The maximum amount of deposit is initially INR 2000 for a new user. However, based on user’s past history/loyalty points and playing pattern, the maximum deposit amount is automatically increased up to INR 50,000.

Users can also put in a request to our customer support to increase the buy in limit at [email protected]


You can withdraw all the money in your current Balance at any time.

1. Go to My Profile page.

2. Click on Redeem & agree to the terms and conditions.

In the redeem page you can Withdraw through following process–

* Online- You can choose this option if you want the money to be deposited in your account online. Here, you will need to provide your Bank Account Number and IFSC Code.


1. Mobile Number Verification is compulsory for all players who make a withdrawal request.

2. You can now make easy & quick withdrawals every day with our 7 Days Redemption & Instant Withdrawal policies. Click here for more details.


Receiving the money won on is easy.

1. When you win any money on our real tables, the wining amount shall be credited to your adda52rummy chip balance immediately.

2. You can check the same on 'My Account' section at any time.

3. You can redeem this balance or a part of it by following the method given in the previous question.


It’s easy to change your bank account details on Just mail your new account details on [email protected] & your account details will be updated within 24 hrs. Alternatively, you can call our customer care number: 1800 419 8519. Our customer support may request for some verification documents for the same to ensure complete safety and security for our users.


We do not levy any fees on withdrawal of money. However, if you are making a withdrawal without playing adequate number of hands on real cash tables, and fail to accumulate loyalty points equivalent to 12% of the requested withdrawal amount, a transaction fees of 7% of the deposits made or requested withdrawal amount (whichever is lower) will be levied for the first such offence. 10% deduction will be Levied on the subsequent offences. The above mentioned 12% loyalty points will have to be earned by the player between the time of last Deposit or Last Withdrawal (whichever is later) and the time of current withdrawal request. adda52rummy also reserves the right to waive off this transaction fees on specific request from the user on a case to case basis.


Please contact [email protected] with the date and approximate time of your transaction immediately. Our operations team will look into the matter and fix your problem as soon as possible. If this happens on a weekend and you are not able to reach our customer support team immediately, please drop them a mail and they will revert back on the next working day. We make every effort to trace down incomplete transactions and retrieve the funds and we get complete support from our partner banks in doing this.


Your redemption request will be processed by our operations team, based on your Adda52Rummy account balance. If, at the time of processing your request, the amount is not sufficient, then your request will be cancelled and you will be informed of the same. You can subsequently resubmit a redemption request for a different amount.


Unlike previously where we had separate wallets for deposit-withdrawal & gameplay, Now, there is only one wallet for all your deposits, winnings and withdrawals!
This makes up the ‘Real Balance’ section of the Single Wallet which includes:
·         Deposits
·         Instant Bonus
·         Redeemable Balance.        
You can check your balance in the ‘Account Overview’ section at any time.
Click here for more information about the single wallet 

If possible, don't withdraw frequently for amount above 10K. If you withdraw at a time when your winnings are less than 10K, no TDS will be deducted.


If you have any more queries, feel free to Contact Us. We are at your service on all working days.


Technical FAQ

The minimum system requirements are given below:

Processor - min. 650MHz processor.

CPU - Pentium 4 & above.

RAM - min. 256 MB but 512 MB (and above) is recommended.

Internet Connection - min. 56Kbps modem connection.

Plugins - Adobe Flash Player 10.2(or above) plug-in.


When you see a "Session Expired" message while playing on, just reload/refresh the page.


Due to your inactivity for some time, we had automatically logged you out to ensure proper security. No worries, you just need to log in again.


Disconnection can happen due to poor Internet connectivity. If the network is restored back quickly, the system will automatically reconnect you back and you can continue playing on your tables. If the network problem lasts for longer time, then the automatic reconnection shall fail and you will be informed for the same.


Our games support Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above, Internet Explorer 7 and above, and Google Chrome. Apart from this, note that:

Your browser should have Javascript enabled.

Make sure that the latest version of Adobe Flash Player is installed for your browser.


For best game play experience at, you should have fast internet connection. It is recommended to have fast broadband connection of 256Kbps and above with very little or no packet loss and very low latency to our servers.

To understand the packet loss and latency through the following tests:

1. If you are Windows 2000 or XP user, then click on ‘Start’ button, and select ‘Run’. Now type ‘cmd’ on the resulting window, however without the quotes. You get a new window.

2. Type the following command on the new window as it is: ping – n 10

3. After this, you will get the summary of connection statistics of’s server from your computer will be displayed.

4. Here, the loss percentage should be 0%.

5. And the average latency has to be lower than 400ms.

It is to be noted that for playing multiplayer games online, it is suggested to have excellent internet connection at least a connection better than used for browsing and emailing. It is seen that even a small distraction in the connection can affect your game play experience with However, if you are facing the degradation in game play even after having a good internet connection, then it is recommended to play start playing after 15-20 minutes.


When there is intermittence in the internet connection, you see this message. Please check the internet connection requirements provided in the above message.

1. Create an Account. Register with us by entering a Username and Password.

2. Login to your account using the Username and Password you registered with.

3. Click on the 'Play Now' button and there you go.

Credit/Debit FAQ

To know the Account balances available, how credit/debit flow works, and how account balances are calculated, click here for more info


 time when your winnings are less than 10K, no TDS will be deducted.