Technical FAQ

Technical FAQ at


Q. What are the minimum system requirements?

Ans. The minimum system requirements are given below:

  • Processor - min. 650MHz processor.
  • CPU - Pentium 4 & above.
  • RAM - min. 256 MB but 512 MB (and above) is recommended.
  • Internet Connection - min. 56Kbps modem connection.
  • Plugins - Adobe Flash Player 10.2(or above) plug-in.

Q. What do I do if I get a "Session Expired" message while playing on

Ans. When you see a "Session Expired" message while playing on, just reload/refresh the page.

Q. I went out for a while and returned back only to find out that I was logged out?

Ans. Due to your inactivity for some time, we had automatically logged you out to ensure proper security. No worries, you just need to log in again.

Q. I was playing on a table and suddenly got disconnected. What will happen to my chip balance?

Ans. Disconnection can happen due to poor Internet connectivity. If the network is restored back quickly, the system will automatically reconnect you back and you can continue playing on your tables. If the network problem lasts for longer time, then the automatic reconnection shall fail and you will be informed for the same.

Q. What are your supported browsers?

Ans. Our games support Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above, Internet Explorer 7 and above, and Google Chrome. Apart from this, note that:

  • Your browser should have Javascript enabled.
  • Make sure that the latest version of Adobe Flash Player is installed for your browser.

Q. What are the requirements of Internet connection needed for best game play at

Ans. For best game play experience at, you should have fast internet connection. It is recommended to have fast broadband connection of 256Kbps and above with very little or no packet loss and very low latency to our servers.

To understand the packet loss and latency through the following tests:

  • If you are Windows 2000 or XP user, then click on ‘Start’ button, and select ‘Run’. Now type ‘cmd’ on the resulting window, however without the quotes. You get a new window.
  • Type the following command on the new window as it is: ping – n 10
  • After this, you will get the summary of connection statistics of’s server from your computer will be displayed.
  • Here, the loss percentage should be 0%.
  • And the average latency has to be lower than 400ms.

It is to be noted that for playing multiplayer games online, it is suggested to have excellent internet connection at least a connection better than used for browsing and emailing. It is seen that even a small distraction in the connection can affect your game play experience with However, if you are facing the degradation in game play even after having a good internet connection, then it is recommended to play start playing after 15-20 minutes.

Q. Please tell me the reason for getting ‘Internet Connection Lost’ and ‘Trying to Reconnect’ messages?

Ans. When there is intermittence in the internet connection, you see this message. Please check the internet connection requirements provided in the above message.

Q. It is taking long time to load the game. May I know the reason why?

Ans. If you are getting this issue, then make sure:

  • The system requirements and internet requirements mentioned by are meeting.
  • It is suggested to open on one browser and anything else on other browser.
  • Avoid opening sites that are heavy and take large bandwidth while playing game at

Note: If you still have unanswered questions, then you can contact our customer support team as well as mail us at _[email protected]____________.