Free Rummy Game Online

Adda52rummy leads in taking the initiatives to offer the best for its clients. The trusted, secure and reliable site offers free as well as cash tournaments.

Free chips are solely aimed at helping youngsters to understand the game and improve their skills. They can enjoy the game without fear of losing money.

Adda52rummy wants the beginners to get the confidence and understand the nuances of playing Online Rummy.

Downloading the app or logging on to the website is very simple and easy. You need not have to face the hassle of depositing money while enjoying free Online Rummy.

You can feel the world of difference of playing Rummy Online. You can set your goals high through this experience.

How to Login to Play Free Rummy Games:

*You need to first register with adda52rummy and the process is very simple

*You can download the app by getting a link with your registered mobile or e-mail or calling +917097200071. The download happens in a jiffy.

How to avail Free Chips:

*You get 1 lakh free chips to play free rummy

* 20,000 free chips on registration, 30,000 for Email verification and 50,000 for Mobile verification

* You will get 50,000 free chips when you download the app

* You can start playing with them and once the number goes below 10,000, the account will be replenished. You will never be without free chips.

How to Play Free Rummy Games

* A click on “Play Rummy” will take you to the “Lobby”.

* Click on “Cash or Practice” tab, choose any table and start playing rummy game to earn cash or just for fun.
*Practice chips can be used to play practice games. These chips are free and can be replenished from the playing area at any time. 

* Real chips are used to play in real cash tournaments. Real chips can be obtained by depositing money using our secure online gateway

Advantages of Free Online Rummy:

* Practice games help you to improve skills and master the game.

*There is no fear of losing money.

* It helps in shedding inhibitions.

* It provides an opportunity to better your judgment capabilities.

* It provides an opportunity for you to graduate to cash tables.