Free Rummy Game Online

Rummy games are a great source of entertainment during your free time. Adda52Rummy not only gives you the opportunity to play rummy for cash but also the chance to play free rummy. We understand that people need to play free rummy at times. Sometimes, even seasoned players just don’t want to take the risk of losing money. They just want to have some quiet and stress-free time playing free rummy games. Free rummy is especially useful when you are a beginner and haven’t yet mastered the game. When you play rummy online free, then you can understand all the different aspects of the game, figure out the strategies, come up with a few tricks of your own and learn how to navigate some of the most difficult scenarios that might arise while playing rummy - all without losing any money at all! 

The other perk of playing free rummy game online is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of adding money to your account to fund buy-ins. This comes in handy when a player is new to online rummy and hasn’t yet understood how the rummy platform works. All you need to do is simply log in to the Adda52rummy website or download the app and start playing free rummy

Free Rummy Game Variants

The reason why rummy is so exciting is that there are so many variants of it! If you are tired of one variant, or simply in the mood for trying out a version that you are less familiar with, you can switch. That is why Adda52Rummy has incorporated all the major rummy variants in one platform. That’s not all! There are free rummy games for every variant to let you get the practice you need before you can start participating in rummy tournaments. 

13 cards rummy

13 cards rummy is wildly popular in India. It has been the go-to card game for family get-togethers, functions and friends’ meets. On Adda52Rummy, you can play 13 cards free rummy online. You don’t have to wait for all your rummy partners to find a time slot when you are all free to meet. Instead, you can just play rummy online free. 13 cards rummy is a great way to unwind after a long and stressful day. It is not very complicated and yet very stimulating for the brain. 

13 cards free rummy games are played with 2 standard rummy decks. Each deck has 52 playing cards and 2 printed jokers. The 52 cards are ranked from 2-10, and there are 4 high-value cards as well. The high value cards are Ace, Jack, Queen and King, each assigned 10 points. The other cards are valued as the number printed on them.

The 52 cards are categorized into 4 suits - Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds. In each suit, there will be 13 cards of different ranks. 

2-6 players can join a table at a 13-card free rummy game online. Before the game starts, each player is dealt 13 cards. One card is randomly chosen from the remaining cards, and it becomes the cut joker. All cards of the same rank from all the suits also become cut jokers.

The objectives of 13-card rummy free rummy games are -

  • Arranging all the 13 cards of your hand into valid sequences (3 or more consecutively-ranked cards of the same suit) and sets (3 or more cards of the same rank from different suits). 

  • There has to be a mandatory pure sequence (firmed without a joker) with a supported impure sequence and one pure set. The remaining cards can be organized into any combination of sequences and sets. 

The player who has arranged all cards can declare. If the card arrangement follows the validation criteria, then he/she emerges as the winner of the rummy online free game. Penalty points are given to other players, equivalent to the sum of the values of their unmatched cards.

13 cards free rummy games let a player drop. You can drop from the free rummy game online before making your first move (initial drop) and this will earn you a penalty of 10 points. You could drop after the first move (middle drop), which could incur a penalty of 30 points. 

13 cards rummy has several sub-variants. There are free rummy games for each sub-type of 13 cards rummy.

Points rummy

Points rummy is one of the most popular variants of 13 cards rummy, and a lot of people opt for Points rummy when they play free rummy because it is a swift and thrilling card game. Each point in the game is assigned a pre-decided rupee value. The winner gets zero points and wins cash or chips based on the points of the opponents. What you win is actually the sum of all the points of the other players multiplied by the point value. (That is why the point value is called the multiplier).

Pool rummy

If you want to play free rummy game online, you can also give Pool rummy a try. This is another favourite version of 13 cards rummy. Every player has to pay a fixed buy-in. When you play free rummy games, you can use your free chips to pay the buy-in. The bottom-line of Pool rummy is that the winner gets chips amounting to entry fee (buy-in) multiplied by the number of players. The Adda52Rummy rake is subtracted from the total. 

The Pool rummy online free game will continue for quite a few rounds. Any player who reaches 101 points or 201 points (depending on which version of Pool rummy you are playing) is eliminated. Once all players are eliminated, the last one standing is the winner of the free rummy game. 

The two versions of Pool rummy are -

101 rummy

2-4 players can be a part of the rummy table. If a player’s score equals or exceeds 101 points, then the player is out of the free rummy game. The maximum points a player can lose in 101 Pool free rummy games is 80 points. The option to split is available when you play 101 pool rummy online free games. Each of the two people who want to split the winnings gets the entry fee minus the rake. 

201 cards rummy

When you play rummy online free games in the 201 Pool rummy category, you will be eliminated if your score reaches 201. This version too is played with a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 players. For this version too, you can avail the split option when you play rummy online free. If the 2 participants decide to split, then each will win the entry fee after the rake is subtracted.

Deals rummy

In this version of free rummy, 2 players play 2/3 rounds, called deals. The player who has a smaller score once the deals are played is the winner of the game. Drop options are not available in deals rummy. One pure sequence with an impure sequence is mandatory. Rejoins are not allowed.

There are two versions of deals rummy online free games -

  • Best of 3

3 rounds are played. The player who has fewer scores than the other after the 3 deals wins the game. If the score is a tie, then there will be the fourth deal. If the difference between their points tally is more than 80 after 2 rounds, then there’s no need to play the third round, and the player with a smaller tally wins. There can be no drops or middle drops. The full count can be a maximum of 80 points.

  • Best of 2

2 rounds or deals are played. A tie would mandate the third round. Here too, the maximum points to be lost can reach 80 points max. No drops or middle drops are allowed in this free rummy version.

21 cards rummy

Arguably, it is the most complex version of rummy. You definitely need to opt for rummy online free games if you want to become a pro at this rummy format. 

21 cards free rummy is played with 3 decks of 52-cards. The objectives of the games are -

  • Forming 3 pure sequences (remaining cards can be organized into any choice of sequences or sets)

  • Arranging 8 jokers in one group

  • Forming 8 dublees in 8 different groups (a dublee is a pair of cards of the same suit and rank)

  • Creating 3 tanalas in 3 groups (a tanala is a group of 3 cards of the same suit and rank)

  • Forming 2 marriage hands

The marriage hand is an interesting feature of 21 cards rummy. The cut joker is also called the sterling joker in this version. The card of the same suit asthe sterling joker but exactly one rank up is called the paplu or upper card joker. Similarly, the card of the rank exactly below the sterling joker and belonging to the same suit is called the taplu or lower card joker. If you have all three - the sterling joker, paplu and taplu, then you have a marriage hand. 3 paplus or 3 taplus too can form a valid marriage hand. 

The 21 cards free rummy game will end when one player declares and melds. If everything follows the validation rules, then that person will be the winner. There will be a penalty for invalid declaration in any free rummy game online.

How to play free rummy games online

Playing free rummy games has never been simpler! Just visit the website or download the Adda52rummy app. You will have to register yourself and get your phone number and email address verified. Once that is done, 1 lakh free chips will instantly be credited to your account. Play rummy online free games to your heart’s content! 

Benefits of playing rummy online

Playing rummy online comes with a series of perks that you will usually not associate with traditional or offline rummy.

  • You can play against a wide selection of participants. You can learn from their signature moves and strategies. It makes the games more exciting, whether you are playing free rummy games or cash games. 

  • You can enter exciting tournaments when you play rummy online. 

  • The cash rewards you play for are much more lucrative than when you play with your friends or family.

  • You can join a rummy table anytime you want - when you are waiting at the check-out queue at the mall, on your way home when your bus is stuck in traffic or during your coffee break.

Play free rummy tournaments

Among the many kinds of tournaments organized by Adda52Rummy, one of the most popular is free rummy tournaments. One time depositors can enter any free rummy tournament. Even though there’s no buy-in, you can still win plenty of cash. Freeroll tournaments are organized every month. 

Free rummy can be just what you need to become a pro rummy player. Whether it is practice or simply a few rounds of risk-free and stress-free card playing that you’re after, rummy online free games will cater to your needs.