Rummy Game Formats

The Rummy variant wherein each participating player gets 13 cards to play the game is known as 13 card Rummy. The versions of 13 card rummy available at are:

13 Card Rummy Game Format

The following rules hold true in addition to the basic points system of 13 cards rummy and 21 Card Marriage Rummy

  • Points Rummy (13 Card)

    It is one of the fastest and most popular game formats of 13 card Rummy. This format of the rummy game can be played between 2-6 players and with 2 card decks. At Adda52rummy, 13 card rummy is available in varying buy-in levels to suit every appetite. The objective of the game is to arrange all your 13 cards into valid sequences and sets and declare the game.

  • 13 Card Marriage Rummy

    One of the newest game variants of the Adda52rummy gaming repertoire is 13 card marriage Rummy. We are proud to state that is the only site in India that is offering this variant in online Rummy. Like any other 13 card Rummy game, in this variant too, all the participating players get 13 cards. Out of these 13 cards some cards are considered as ‘Value Cards’ and the players possessing these value cards get some additional points from others in the game. The concept of ‘Marriage’ also adds more fun to this game. Otherwise the objective of 13 card Marriage Rummy is the same as 13 Card Rummy.

21 Card Marriage Rummy Game Format

21 card Marriage Rummy is one of the best variants of Rummy and for online Rummy lovers it is available only at Every player is dealt 21 cards and there are some special ‘Value Cards’ as well. The concept of ‘Marriage’ in this version of Rummy, makes this more fun as you win even of you lose.

Pool Rummy

The following rules hold true in addition to the basic points system of 13 cards rummy and 21 Card Marriage Rummy

  • 101 Pool

    This format of online rummy game is a 13 card rummy game based on playing rounds of the game. 2-4 players can play against each other and the one who acquires 101 or above points gets eliminated immediately from the table. The remaining players continue the game in the same fashion and players get eliminated one by one. The game ends when there is only one player left on the table (this player is one who has not accumulated 101 or above points till the end). This remaining player is declared as winner. In this way, the players have to go through many continuous rounds. Pool Rummy has a entry fee which goes to a pot which is taken by the winner after deducting rake. There is no multiplier in Pool Rummy. In Pool Rummy where it is a 4 player table, till all 4 players are not present on the table, the game doesn’t begin. There is also a sit-out feature in Pool Rummy which means that a player can go on sit out mode but his cards will continue to be in play. The other rules are same as 13 card rummy .For the scoring of 101 Pool click the Rummy Points System Section.

  • 201 Pool

    The game is played in the same way as of ‘101 Pool’, however a player is eliminated only when his acquired points reach to or cross 201 points. The game progress in this way and the last player left on the table is declared as winner. While all other rules of the game are same as 13 card rummy, the Initial drop is 25 points and Middle drop is 50 points. For the scoring of 201 Pool click the Rummy Points System Section.

  • Best of Three

    As the name of this variant suggests, there will be 3 rounds and at the end player with lowest points wins the game. There are no drops in this rummy format. If after 2 rounds of play one player has more than 80 points, then game stops and next round isn’t.