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How To Play Rummy Game

Adda52Rummy is a trusted Indian rummy website that gives you a range of variations to play. This How To Play Rummy section brings you basic rummy rules.  

Rummy is a skill-based, card game that is usually played with two decks of cards with the objective of making sets of the same rank and sequences belonging to the same suit.

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Start Playing 

  • Registered/new players get free practice chips worth 1 lac
  • Practice 13 card rummy and 21 card rummyabsolutely free
  • You cannot redeem real cash against the practice chips
  • To win real cash, deposit cash and start playing cash rummy games after mobile verification which is mandatory


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Choose your game variant and start playing

Rummy Game Play Features

At Adda52Rummy, there are multiple game variants with user friendly and highly customisable interfaces. Get familiar with rummy rules and features before you begin to play.

A Deck of cards consists of the following cards:

  • 52 cards - 4 suits with 13 cards each
  • 1 Printed jokers

  Any rummy game starts with a minimum of 2 deck of cards

Rummy Points

Rummy scoring  is done based on the following:

  • All face cards (Ace, King, Queen and Jack) have a value of 10 points each
  • The numbered cards have the same value as their number. i.e. 5 of Spade will have 5 points
  • All jokers (both printed and cut joker) have a value of zero points


The process of distributing cards to all the players before a game starts is called Dealing.
Initially, each player is dealt 13/ 21 cards and the undealt cards are kept face down on the table. These face-down cards form a deck, known as ‘closed deck’. At the centre of the table, one card is kept face-up on the table. This card forms the ‘discard pile’ where all the discarded cards are kept.


The process of arranging the cards dealt is called sorting. The Auto Sort feature in Adda52Rummy arranges the cards dealt automatically.


A player can draw a card by simply clicking on the pile of closed or discarded stack present on the table.


Once the player draws a card, he has to get rid of one extra card among the dealt 13 cards. This process of getting rid of an extra, unwanted card is done by clicking on the discard button.


A player can choose to drop out of a game in 2 instances by pressing the ‘drop’ button that appears beside your profile’s icon. 

Initial drop: If the player realises that his/her cards are not worth to play right after getting them or before picking up any card

Middle Drop: If a player wants to drop the game in the middle of the game play (even after picking the card only once), then this is called a middle drop.

Penalty points deducted for drop is based on the rummy game variant being played.

  • For 13 card rummy game, penalty points for initial drop is 20 and middle drop is 40
  • For 21 card rummygame initial drop is 30 and middle drop is 60


Joker can be used as a substitute to complete a set or a sequence.
A random card selected after dealing the cards becomes the cut joker. All cards of the same rank are the jokers in the game.
Per deck consists of 2 printed jokers which can be used to make sets and sequences.


 The process of arranging the cards as per a particular rummy game variant rules is called melding/grouping.



  • Once a player has made all sequences and sets he can declare by clicking Declare
  • The player must place the extra card as shown in the image to declare his winning spot
  • This declaration to all the other players has to be absolutely true and correct to avoid any penalties
  • A specific duration is provided to every rummy player for melding their cards
  • The player whose declaration is correct (the cards are arranged according to the validation rule of Rummy) wins the game
  • If the melded sets and sequences do not fulfil the validation criteria, then the player gets charged with a penalty for an invalid declaration based on the game variant played
  • In rummy cash games, points are calculated on the basis of the bet multiplier in the game. These points are added to the bankroll of the winner, in simple words the points lost by other players are gained by the winner


Once a player declares, the send button gets activated to all the players on the game table. Clicking on the send button submits cards arranged by the players for validation. 


At Adda52Rummy, game multipliers are set by default for every game based on each round being played. You can click on the icon "i" in the game table to know about the various multiplier levels set for each game.
The game multipliers are 0.5x, 1x, 2x and they set the return value and points for the player respectively.
For e.g. in a 1x rummy game, if A loses to B by 20 penalty points, then B will be credited with Rs. 20.
Similarly in a 2x game, if A loses 20 penalty points to B, then B will be credited with Rs. 40.

Please go through rummy dictionary to know about rummy terms used in a rummy game

How To Play Rummy Online

  • Sign up/Sign in
  • Click on play now
  • Add cash
  • Choose rummy game variant
  • Join the game table
  • Start playing by drawing and discarding card
  • Make valid sequences and sets based on the rummy game rules
  • Declare when confident of winning
  • Meld and send cards
  • Scores gained and deducted are displayed for respective players

For detailed information on how to play rummy game, visit 13 Cards rummy and 21 Cards rummy sections.