How To Play Rummy

Before you learn how to play rummy at adda52 rummy, register at the site and win play chips!

If you are supercharged to play online rummy, why wait? Just register on and the doors are wide open! Here is how you can register at adda52rummy:

If you are quite impatient, you can check out this informative video at link to get started.

The site has the registration detail conveniently placed right on the home page. Simply go to the fields there and enter your desired username, desired password, your email id and you are ready to click on the sign up button. Don’t forget to check the box against ‘I agree to the terms of use’.

Once you press the button, you are registered as an official player on The site displays a message to this effect and that’s when you know your registration process is complete!

Even at this juncture, you need not worry about if you know how to play rummy well. In fact you don’t even have to worry over expertise in 13 cards rummy or 21 cards rummy.

The icing here is that every player who registers is treated to the privilege of 25000 practice chips! And players get an additional 1,50,000 chips upon validating email and mobile number. With these additional play chips, you can enter online tournaments and win real cash bonus every day, electronic gadgets, goodies and many more exciting prizes. You also get to practice at the 13 card rummy, 21 card rummy and other variants at no cost!

Once you register, you get an account page devoted to your activities on adda52rummy. This is where you buy chips to play real cash games. So there, your account is ready, you have your hands full with play chips and all you need do is click on that attractive little ‘Play’ button on the top right corner!.

But before you hit play, ensure you know how to play rummy well or read on if you have any doubts.


How to play rummy at adda52 rummy is no rocket science! Here’s the info:

Adda52rummy is a haven for rummy players looking for variety, challenge and a good game! With both versions of online rummy, 13 cards and 21 cards, adda52rummy offers a bouquet of tournaments for every card game connoisseur.

How to play rummy here is the simplest thing. Three effortlessly simple steps and you are on a card table playing your favorite 13 Card Indian Rummy or 21 Card Marriage Rummy online:

  1. Create your Account: register on the site, create an account and get ready to play.
  2. Log in: after registering, every time you want to play a game, sign in using the Username and Password you registered with.
  3. Play on!: Click on the 'Play Rummy' button and you will land on the Adda52rummy game window where you can choose either 13 card rummy or 21 card rummy

As a registered user, when you log in and approach a table, you are prompted to occupy a seat at the table. You are then taken through a buy in form where you can allocate chips to play based on the minimum required at the table. Once you click ok, cards are dealt out and you are prompted to select a card. Each player gets to pick and discard cards and buttons support these actions. The game thus moves clockwise from player to player. The rules are the same for any format be it 13 card rummy or 21 card rummy.

In fact, you could check out these awesome videos which gives you a firsthand experience of how to play rummy on a table, rules for declaration and other fine detail. Once the game is complete, the points and amount scored by each player in the 13 card rummy game, 21 card rummy game or any other variant are displayed.