13 Card Rummy

13 Card Points Rummy or 13 Card Rummy is the most popular card game in India, which is played with standard deck of cards with jokers and between minimum of 2 players. It is a draw and discard game wherein the players have to arrange their hand cards in valid sets and sequences. Rummy players can play 13 cards rummy game online for free and real cash on our site.


  • Players: The game of 13-card Indian rummy can be played between 2 to 6 players. At Adda52rummy, tables are designed in a way that 2/4/6 players can play 13 card rummy online together.
  • Card Deck(s): Depending on the number of players, minimum of 2 standard decks of cards are used. A deck is a regular pack of 52 cards having 2 face jokers.
  • The Deal: Initially, each player in this game is dealt 13 cards and the left over / undealt cards are kept face down on the table. These face down cards form a deck, known as ‘closed deck’. At the center of the table, one card is kept face-up on the table. This card forms the ‘discard pile’ where all the discarded cards are kept.
  • Joker: After distributing 13 cards to each player, a card is pulled out of the remaining deck, which becomes the joker. All cards of the same rank as of joker, and in all suits is considered as joker and is commonly known as ‘Cut Joker’. Apart from cut joker, there are two ‘Paper Jokers’ that have printed joker’s image on them. These jokers can be used as substitute for any card but do not have any face value.
  • Drop: During the game play, a player can opt to drop out the ongoing 13 card Rummy game. If a player opts to drop before picking up any card, then this is called ‘initial drop’. For initial drop, the player is given the penalty of 20 points. However, if the player wants to drop after the game has been started or in between the game play, then it is called middle drop and for it he/she has to give the penalty of 40 points.

Objective of Online Rummy

The basic objective of 13 card rummy online is to arrange the cards in such a way that you have at least two sequences, out of which one has to be pure sequence, and rest of the cards in sets and sequences pure or impure. The player who creates this sequence first has the option to declare.

How to Play 13 Card Rummy Online

Game Play
  • The game of 13 card point rummy starts when the dealer deals 13 cards to each player.
  • In this game, a cut Joker is selected randomly which is kept face up on the table while rest of the cards are kept face down except one card face up for the discard pile.
  • A player has to first sort their cards and then begin the game by drawing or picking a card when his/her turn arrives. A player can pick a card either from discard pile or from the closed deck kept on the table.
  • After picking up a card, player has to discard one card from his hand. Discarding can be done by selecting a card that you have to discard and then clicking on the ‘Discard’ button. The discarded card is kept on the discarded pile face up and hence is available to the next player. All the other players seated on the table can see the discarded card.
  • Hence, the online rummy game progresses in this fashion only until any one of the playing players arranges all his/her cards and declares the game.
  • After declaration by a player, his/her cards are melded. After melding, the cards are validated and if found correct, then other players in the game have to meld their cards. Further, the point of the other players are calculated on the basis of how many relevant sets they have made and the cards that have not been used in any valid sets or sequences are counted as points for that rummy game.

Winning Hand

 The first player to fulfill the objective of the game wins.


Any player who arranges his/her cards into valid sets and sequences is eligible to declare the game. A player can declare the game by clicking on the ‘Declare’ button . After declaration, the player is required to meld (arrange his/her cards into logical sets) and then send them for validation. We at Adda52rummy.com provide a limited time to a player to meld, which is displayed on the meld box at the screen.

The player whose declaration is correct (the cards are arranged according to validation rule of Rummy) wins the game and gets the penalty points of other players. On the other hand, if the melded sets and sequences do not fulfill the validation criteria, then the player has to pay the penalty of 80 points for his/her invalid declaration. However, if the validation is correct, then the other players are asked to meld their cards after which the points are calculated. In rummy cash games, points are calculated depending upon the multiplier of the game. These points are added to the bankroll of the winner, i.e, the points lost by other players are gained by the winner.

Note: In online rummy games, there are situations when a player does not get even a single chance to pick a card as someone else declares before his/her turn comes. In such a case, the points deducted from that player’s account are equivalent to ‘Middle Drop’ deduction, i.e, he will have to give up maximum of 40 points to the winner and if his calculated points are below 40, then actual points are deducted.

Rummy Points System for 13 Card Rummy

In 13 card rummy, points are deducted or added to the account of a loser or winner respectively. For valid declaration, a player receives penalty points of other players, while for initial drop 20 points are deducted. This points deduction process is done according to Rummy Points System.

Validation Rules of 13 Card Rummy

To understand how to play 13 card rummy, one should know the validation rules. Please find below the list of validation rules of 13 card online rummy:

Out of 13 cards in hand, you need to form at least one pure sequence. It is a sequence of cards of the same suit. A Pure Sequence cannot use a Joker card as a substitute but as per its face value.

13cards rummy

(Pure Sequence )

Out of 13 cards in hand, you need to make another sequence, pure or impure. An impure sequence has to have cards of the same suit, but is allowed to have jokers. In the below example, k of heart is the cut joker.

How to play 13 cards rummy

(Impure sequence)

Remaining cards can be arranged into valid sets or sequences. They can either be a pure or an impure sequence or a set of the same face value cards.

Play rummy


Note-A set is only valid when it has 4 or less than 4 (which is 3) cards.