13 Card Marriage Rummy Point System

13 Card Marriage Rummy scoring is done keeping some aspects of 13 Card Points Rummy and some of 21 Card Marriage Rummy.

The scoring in 13 Card Marriage Rummy is based on the following points-

  • Deciding the Winner- The first person to meet the game objective wins.
  • Drop- A player has the option to drop out/opt out of the ongoing 13 card marriage rummy game at any point. Initial Drop- 20 points, Middle Drop- 50 points.

 Points Calculation in 13 Card Marriage Rummy

The following rules hold true in addition to the basic points system of 13 cards rummy and 21 Card Marriage Rummy

  • Value Cards Carry 10 points each.
  • Marriage carries 50 points.
  • There are no star cards in 13 cards marriage rummy.
  • Full Hand is 80 points in 13 card marriage rummy.
  • Initial drop – 20 points (No value cards honoured), Middle drop – 50 points (all value cards honoured), On Exit room – 80 points (No value cards honoured)
  • If a player declares the rummy game on the first turn then the other players (whose turn hasn’t come) will give upto a maximum of middle hand penalty (50 points). Their value cards will be honoured.
  • If a players exits room in the middle of a hand then he is levied a full hand.

   Upper Limit-

In Marriage Rummy, there is an upper limit/capping on the maximum penalty that a player can give if he loses. This Upper Limit in 13 card marriage rummy is set at 160 points.