13 Card Marriage Rummy Rules

Having learnt How to play 13 card Marriage Rummy through theory and videos in our earlier section, we will share some common rummy rules with you here. Mentioned below is a pictorial representation of what is allowed and what isn’t allowed in the rummy game.

Sequence – A group of consecutive cards of same suit.

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Pure Sequence – Group of atleast 3 consecutive cards of the same suit. A Pure Sequence does not include any Joker.

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Impure Sequence - Sequence of atleast 3 cards of same suit formed with a help of a joker.

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Set- A group of cards of same rank but different suits.

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Note-A set is only valid when it has 4 or less than 4 (which is 3) cards.

Cut Joker- After the dealing of cards, a card from the closed deck is chosen at random, by the dealer which serves as the Cut Joker. All the cards with the same rank, in any suit are considered as the Cut Jokers

Printed Joker- Beside 52 cards of the deck, there are 2 extra cards in all decks, with a face of Joker on them.

Value Cards- These are similar to jokers but contain certain points value thus are valuable to a player.

Titlu – In online marriage rummy a card is chosen at random in the beginning of each round. This card is called as Titlu. It is the same as Cut Joker.

Paplu - Cards which are immediately higher in rank to Titlu & are of the suit same as titlu, are called ‘Paplu’.

Nichlu - Cards which are immediately lower in rank to Titlu & are of the suit same as titlu, are called ‘Nichlu’.

Trinala – It is a term which is used in 21 cards Rummy. A group of three cards of the same suit & same rank is called trinala. It can be used as a pure sequence.

Marriage- If a player holds titlu, Paplu and Nichlu then he holds Marriage which can be used as a pure sequence.