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13 Card Rummy Point System

The scoring in 13 Card Rummy is done based on the following points -

Deciding the Winner- The first person to meet the game objective wins.

Drop- A player has the option to drop out/opt out of the ongoing 13 card rummy game at any point

Initial Drop- 10 points, Middle Drop- 30 points.

Points Calculation in 13 Card Points Rummy

  • All face cards (ace, king, queen and jack) have a value of 10 points each.
  • The printed cards or numbered cards have same value as their face value. i.e. 5 of spade will have value of 5 points.
  • All jokers (both printed and cut joker) have value of zero points.
  • In any case, if a player fails to take required action in his turn and misses his first three consecutive turns, he is given a penalty of full hand.
  • However, if a player misses his first turn (intentionally or unknowingly) and chooses to drop in the second turn he is allocated drop points as per the middle drop.
  • If a player fails to make two straight sequences (one pure & another pure/impure) he is allocated points according to all the cards in hand (up to a max. of 80 points).
  • However, if the player has made two required sequences, then points are allocated as per the remaining cards in hand.
  • In case, if a player fails to send his cards (whether properly arranged or not) then the system accepts his cards as it is.
  • If the declaration of a player goes wrong, he is allocated 80 points as penalty.
  • Maximum of 80 points can be allocated to a hand which implies Full hand is 80 points.
  • If a player declares the rummy game on the first turn then the other players(whose turn hasn’t come) will give upto a maximum of middle hand penalty(40 points).

Pool Rummy Point System at a Glance

While most of the points scored in Pool Rummy are same as 13 Card Points Rummy but a few changes in the various Pool Rummy Formats are mentioned below-

  • 101 Pool- All formats of Pool Rummy have an entry fee and no buy-in. Thus the player who wins takes the total pot after deducting the Rake. There is no multiplier concept in Pool Rummy.
  • 201 Pool- The entry fee concept is same as in 101 Pool. The only two points system change in 201 Pool rummy is the difference in Initial and Middle Drop from 13 card points Rummy. In 201 Pool, initial drop is 25 points and Middle drop is 50 points.
  • Best of 3- The only difference from the points above mentioned is that there is no drop feature here. The first player to get 80 points loses the game and a maximum of 3 rounds are played.

For complete rules of the Pool Rummy, refer to the Game Formats page.