13 Card Rummy Rules

After learning How to Play 13 Cards Rummy, it’s time to know rummy validation rules.

As per the game objective, a player should have at least one pure sequence.


Sequence: A sequence is a group of consecutive cards.

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Pure Sequence: A sequence of at least three consecutive cards of the same suit without any Joker (unless the Joker is falling in the sequence itself).

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With one pure sequence, there has to be one more sequence, which can either be pure or impure. 



Impure Sequence: This essentially has a Joker to complete it. Impure sequences can use Joker(s).

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The rest of the cards must be arranged in either valid sets of sequences. The sequences can be either pure or impure.



Set: A group of cards having the same face value but different suits is called a set. A set is valid only when it has 3 or 4 cards.

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13 Card Rummy Rules: The list of validation rules of 13 card online rummy are as follows

  • Out of 13 cards in hand, you need to form at least one pure sequence without using a Joker card as a substitute but as per its face value
  • Make another sequence: pure or impure
  • Remaining cards can be arranged into valid sets or sequences. They can either be pure or impure sequences or a set of the same face value of cards

Points Calculation in 13 Card Rummy:

  • All face cards (Ace, King, Queen and Jack) hold a value of 10 points each
  • The numbered cards have the same value as their face value. i.e. 5 of Spades will have a value of 5 points.
  • All jokers (both printed and cut joker) have a value of zero points.
  • If a player fails to take necessary action in his or her turn and misses the first three consecutive turns, he/she is given a penalty of full hand.
  • However, if a player misses the first turn (intentionally or unknowingly) and chooses to drop in the second turn, then points are allocated equally to the middle drop.
  • If a player fails to make two straight sequences (one pure & another pure/impure) the points are allocated according to all the cards in hand (up to a maximum of 80 points).
  • However, if the player has made two required sequences, then points are allocated as per the remaining cards in hand.
  • In case, if a player fails to send the cards (whether properly arranged or not), then the system accepts the cards as it is.
  • If the declaration of a player goes wrong, he or she will get a penalty of 80 points.
  • Maximum of 80 points can be allocated to a hand which implies that the value of a full hand is 80 points.
  • If a player declares in the first turn, then the other players who have not got their first turn will get up to a maximum of 40 penalty points.

Now that you are familiar on how to play 13 card rummy and it’s rules, go hit the tables and start playing your favorite 13 card game in points, pool or deals rummy format.