13 Card Rummy Rules

After learning how to play 13 card rummy through videos and theories in our earlier sections, we are now going to share rummy validation rules. Mentioned below is the pictorial representation of these rummy card game rules:

Out of 13 cards in player’s hands, there has to be at least one pure sequence.

13 Card Rummy Game Rules

Sequence: A sequence is a group of consecutive cards.

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Pure Sequence: A sequence of at least three consecutive cards of the same suite is known as pure sequence. In other words pure sequence does not use any Joker to complete it (unless that Joker is falling in the sequence itself).

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With one pure sequence, there has to be one more sequence, which can either be pure or impure. 

Impure Sequence: as per the rummy rules an impure sequence is the one that uses Joker to complete it. In other words, impure sequence can use Joker(s).

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The rest of the cards must be arranged in either valid sets of sequences. The sequences can be either pure or impure.

Set: A group of cards having same face value but different suit is called a set.

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Note: A set is valid only when it has 4 or less than 4 cards (however not less than 3 cards).

Various Types of Jokers in Rummy Game: Since in all the basic rummy rules, the term Joker is largely used, let us understand what are they. Basically, there are two types of Jokers in the game of Rummy. These two types of Jokers are explained below:

Cut Joker: After cards dealing, the first card of the closed deck is opened up by the dealer. This opened card becomes the Cut Joker. All the cards of the same rank in any suit are considered as Cut Jokers.

Cut Joker

Printed Joker: Besides 52 cards in the deck, there are 2 extra cards as well with the face of Joker on them, which are known as printed jokers.