21 Card Rummy Online

Adda52Rummy is the pioneer in launching 21 Card Rummy game variant. The new set of interesting rules makes the game more challenging and exciting to play. Let’s understand the revised format of 21 card rummy. 


Objective of 21 Card rummy game is to declare the game by arranging the cards dealt in any of the following ways:

  • 3 pure sequences and remaining cards in valid sets/sequences
  • 8 Jokers in one group
  • 8 Dublees in 8 separate groups
  • 3 Tanalas in 3 separate groups
  • 2 Marriage Sets


Sterling Joker/ Titlu/ Cut Joker: After the dealing of cards, one card from the closed deck is chosen randomly which serves as the Cut Joker. All the cards with the same rank, in any suit, are considered as Cut Jokers. The Sterling joker is the card with the same rank n suit.

Funtoosh Joker/ Printed Joker: 3 extra cards, 1 per card deck, with a face of Joker printed on them which can also function as Joker card in the game are known as Funtoosh. 

Taplu/ Nichlu/ Lower Card Joker: Cards which are immediately lower in rank to Sterling Joker & are of the suit same as Sterling Joker, are known as ‘Nichlu/ Taplu/ Lower card’.

Upplu/ Paplu/ Upper Card Joker: Cards which are immediately higher in rank to Sterling Joker & are of the suit same as Sterling Joker, are known as ‘Paplu/ Upplu/ Upper card’.

The "Ace of Spade & 2 of Club" together forms other ValueCards. They hold value points but cannot be treated as jokers unless they are in the form of Sterling Joker, Paplu and/ or Nichlu cards.

Value Cards: Sterling, Paplu, Taplu and Funtoosh, Ace of Spade and 2 of Clubs carry premium points, hence are termed value cards.

  • Except Ace of Spade, 2 of Clubs and Funtoosh, Value Cards can change from game to game. 
  • All value cards Paplu, Taplu, Funtoosh, Ace of Spade and 2 of Clubs carry 20 points each. 
  • Sterling Joker carries 30 points. For more details on scoring, visit 21 Card Rummy Rules section. 

Marriage: If a player holds Sterling, Paplu, Taplu cards then he holds a Marriage Hand which can be used as a pure sequence and/ or to complete other sequences.. 3 Paplu and/ or Taplu presented as a group is also considered a marriage hand.

Please note: In an event where A is a cut-joker, then, the cut-joker, paplu and taplu is a marriage, but NOT a sequence of any kind.
E.g.: KA2 of the same suit is a marriage, but is not considered as a pure sequence if  Ace is the cut-joker. It can only be used as marriage points and/ or as jokers.

Tanala/ Trinala: A group of three cards having identical Suit & Number is called Tanala. It can be used in the form of a pure sequence as well. Tanala carries 20 points minimum, except for Joker and/ or Paplu/ Taplu Tanala.

Joker Tanala: It is a combination of 3 cards having the same number like that of the Sterling joker and is in the remaining three different Suits. Joker Tanala carries 30 points minimum

Dublee: It is the ‘pair’ of cards of the same suit & same face value

Single Pack/ Initial Drop: Player choosing to drop the game on his first turn is called Single Pack with a penalty of 30 points. 

Double Pack/ Middle Drop: Players choosing to drop the game anytime after the first turn is called Double Pack with a penalty of 60 + Value Card points.

How to Play 21 Card Rummy Online

  • Each player is dealt with 21 cards
  • A cut joker is randomly selected and placed face up while the remaining pile of cards is kept face down
  • When the turn comes, each player has their cards auto-sorted and then begin by drawing and discarding a card. At the same time they can choose to re-sort as they desire
  • A player can pick a card from either the Closed Deck or the Discarded Pile
  • The game progresses in a similar manner until any of the players declares and completes the melding/ grouping process
  • A declarer whose cards are valid according to the validation rules defined will be the winner
  • In event of an incorrect declaration, the declarer will be penalised with maximum points
  • The other players who are playing the game, then proceed to meld their cards. Their cards are validated and the points of all other players are calculated as per the 21 Cards Rummy points system.

For more information on scoring and rules, visit the 21 card rummy rules section.