21 Card Rummy Online

To make your online rummy experience exciting and full of non-stop action, Adda52rummy has launched the most popular variant of this game, namely, 21 card rummy.

What are the basics of playing 21 Card Online Rummy?
What is the objective of playing 21 Card Rummy online?
How to play 21 Card Rummy?
How points are calculated for 21 Card Rummy?


Players: The 21 card online rummy can be played between 2 to 4 players. The game tables on our site are designed in such a way that all 4 players can play the game simultaneously
Card Deck(s): Three regular decks of 52 card each and two face jokers are used in 21 card rummy game.

Joker: Once the dealer deals 21 cards to each player, a card is randomly pulled out from the left over cards and is treated as the cut joker for that game. All the cards of the same rank that of joker, and in any suit, are considered cut jokers. A joker card in rummy game can be used as substitute for any card to form a set, except Pure Sequence. Apart from this, players can also use Paper Jokers that have the image of a joker on them.

Value Cards: Value cards work as Joker in 21 cards rummy game because they can be used as substitute of cards before melding. These cards are called ‘Value Cards’ because anyone who possesses these cards is honored with some extra points by other competing players whether he/she has declared or not.  Value cards are dependent on cut Jokers so they change with the game. For quick identification, these cards are highlighted in the game. For example, if the cut Joker is 5 of heart, then the 5s of all the suits are considered as cut Joker whereas 6 of heart and 4 of heart are considered as value cards and the player who has received these cards is given additional points in comparison to other players of the game. In this case, 4 of heart is known as ‘nichlu’ whereas 6 of heart is known as ‘paplu’. The 5 of heart, which is the cut Joker is known as ‘titlu’. The player having all three ‘nichlu’, ‘paplu’, and ‘titlu’ has ‘Marriage Hand’, which is treated as pure sequence.

Star Cards: The "Ace of spade & 2 of club" are Star Cards in 21 Card rummy. Each Star card holds 10 points and cannot be treated as joker. In case the player throws the star card away, then he / she is not entitled to receive those points.

Scoring: All three value cards, which are ‘nichlu’, ‘paplu’, and ‘titlu’, are honored first and carry 20 points. ‘Marriage Hand’ in 21 card Rummy game carries 100 points. Maximum points a player can earn is 240.

Drop: In 21 card rummy, if a player feels that his/her cards are not good enough to play the game, then he/she can drop or opt out of the game. If a player drops the game before picking up any card, then it is called ‘Initial Drop’. Further, he/she is entitled to pay the penalty of 30 points and even the value cards are not honored. On the other hand, if a player opts to drop in the middle of the game, then it is called ‘Middle Drop. The penalty to be paid is 75 points, though all the value cards are honored.


The basic objective of 21 Cards online rummy is to form three pure sequences of minimum 3 cards each. The player can arrange rest of the cards in either pure or impure sequences and/or sets. On Adda52rummy, there are three other forms of card arrangements are also considered valid in 21 card rummy, which are: Holding 8 Joker cards, 8 Dublees, or 3 Trinala.

How to Play 21 Card Rummy:-

  •  A game of 21 card online rummy starts with each player being dealt 21 cards.
  • A cut joker is also randomly selected and played face up while the remaining pile of cards is kept face down.
  • In 21 card rummy game each player, when their turn comes, has to first arrange/sort their cards and then begin by drawing a card. Each player has the option to either draw the top most card from the closed deck or the last card that has been discarded by the previous player - from the Discarded Pile. When a player is the first one to begin the game, the player in the rummy game has the option to pick the first open card on the discarded pile.
  • After having picked a card either from the discarded pile or the closed deck, the player temporarily has 22 cards. He is then required to arrange these cards and then choose to discard one card from the cards in the hand. This can be done by clicking on the chosen card and then clicking on the discard tab. The discarded card is then available for the next player and can be seen by all the players seated on the table.
  • The online rummy game progresses in similar manner until any of the players completely arranges his/her cards and declares.
  • In online rummy , the player who has declared has to meld his/her cards first. After his/her melded cards have been validated and proved correct, the other players are required to meld their cards. The points for other players are calculated on the basis of how many cards have been made into relevant sets and then the balance cards which have not been made into sets are counted as points for that particular rummy game.

Winning Hand

The first player to fulfill the objective of the game wins.


Declaration of 21 card online rummy is similar to 13 card rummy. The player who arranges their 21 cards into valid sets is eligible to declare in the game. All a player needs to do is click on the declare tab to declare the game. Then, meld the cards (arrange the 21 cards as per the logical sets in the allotted 45 seconds) and send them for validation.

The winner of the rummy game will be the person whose cards are valid according to the validation rules. If the melded sets do not comply with the validation criteria, the player is penalized with 120 points for invalid declare. The other players who are playing that rummy game, then proceed to meld their cards. Their cards are validated and the points of all other players are calculated as per the rummy points system.

Note- If a player doesn’t get a chance to pick a card and at the same time one of this opponents declares the game, then that players points will be considered as a Middle Drop. This implies that he will give upto a maximum of 75 points to the winner. But if his calculated points are below 75, then he will give the actual points.

Points System for 21 Card Rummy:-

The winner and the loser of the game are chosen according to the points obtained in 21 Card rummy. According to the action taken by the player he/she scores the points. On one hand wherein 0 points are deducted for the a valid declaration, 30 points are deducted as penalty for the initial drop on the other hand. An invalid declaration fetches 120 points. Read the complete point system.

Validation rules for 21 Card Rummy:-

To complete a 21 card rummy game, a player needs to arrange the 21 cards dealt to him in either of the following ways-

3 pure sequences & remaining cards in valid sets/sequences.


8 Jokers in one group.


8 dublee in separate groups; wherein Dublee is the pair of cards of same suit & same face value.


7 dublees arranged in groups will be a free hand.


3 trinalas in separate groups.

Note- 3 paper jokers together can also be called a valid trinala and used as sequence.

The "Ace of spade & 2 of club" are Star Cards. Each Star card holds 10 points & cannot be treated as joker.