21 Card Marriage Rummy Point System

The scoring in 21 Card Marriage Rummy Game Online is done based on the following points-

  • Deciding the Winner- The first person to meet the game objective wins.
  • Drop- A player has the option to drop out/opt out of the ongoing 21 card Marriage Rummy game at any point
  • Initial Drop- 30 points, Middle Drop- 75 points.
  •  Points Calculation in 13 Card Points Rummy.

The following rules hold true in addition to the basic points system of 13 cards rummy-

  • If a player fails to meld 3 pure sequences then the entire hand is counted as points, except jokers.
  • Full hand  levied is 120 points.
  • The maximum points(value) a player can give out in a hand is 240.
  • Value cards carry 20 points each.
  • Marriage carries 100 points.
  • Star Cards i.e Ace of Spades and 2 of Clubs hold a value of 10 points each. They have to be used in valid sequence/set to get the value. If a player discards the star card then the value also goes away. Another player can pick up the star card and use it in a sequence/set and then he can claim the value for the same.
  • In any case, if a player fails to take required action in his turn and misses his first three consecutive turns, he is given a penalty of full hand.
  • If a players exits room in the middle of a hand then he is levied a full hand.
  • If a player declares the rummy game on the first turn then the other players (whose turn hasn’t come) will give upto a maximum of middle hand penalty(75 points). Their value cards will be honoured.
  • Initial Drop- 30 points(no value cards honoured), Middle Drop- 75 points(value cards honoured).

Upper Limit

In Marriage Rummy, there is an upper limit/capping on the maximum penalty that a player can give if he loses. This Upper Limit in 21 card marriage rummy is set at 240 points.