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Rummy Game Play Features

Playing online Rummy at is simple yet exciting because we offer maximum variants of the game with our user friendly and customizable rummy game platform. Mentioned below are some of the basic game play features of this skill-based game that everyone should know before playing at Adda52rummy.

  • Dealing a Card

    When players sit down on a table to play, they are dealt cards according to the rummy card game format.

  • Sorting

    There is a sort button next to your cards. It is best to sort your cards the moment you receive them so they are grouped suit wise.

  • Picking a Card

    A player is prompted to pick a card as soon as his/her turn comes. The player can either pick the card from the closed or discarded pile present on the table by clicking on that pile.

  • Discarding a Card

    After picking up the card from any of the piles, the player is prompted to discard a card from his/her hand. This feature can be used to dispose an unwanted or useless card from your hand. So, you can discard a card by clicking ‘Discard’ button that comes when you select a card after picking that card up, but make sure only useless cards are thrown away.

  • Drop

    If at the onset of an online rummy game a player feels that they don’t wish to play the game then they can choose to ‘drop’ from that game. Every player at adda52rummy gets two chances to drop the game - one at the start of the game known as ‘initial drop’ and other at the middle of the game known as ‘middle drop’. An initial drop is one wherein the player realizes that his/her cards are not worth to play soon after getting them or before picking up any card. If a player wants to drop the game in the middle of the game play (even after picking card only once), then it is called middle drop. Drop option can be exercised by pressing the ‘drop’ button that appears besides the players’ icon. Penalty points are deducted for both these cases of drop which depend on the rummy game variant played. Refer to the Rummy Points System for details of drop points.

  • How to Use Joker

    Joker is the card that is used as jack to complete any sequence and/or set in Rummy game. There are two types of Joker available in any Rummy game – one is ‘face up Joker’ which is available in the normal pack of cards and another is ‘cut Joker’ that changes with the Rummy game. A player can use a joker by placing it/grouping it with a set/sequence.

  • Declare

    The rules of online Rummy say that a player can win the game only after he/she declares to all the players on the table; however the declaration must be correct as per the Rummy rules. So, if a player thinks that he/she has fulfilled all the requirements to win the Rummy game, then on his/her turn he/she can declare the game through an extra card. At this can be done by selecting the extra card and clicking on the ‘Declare’ button.

  • Meld

    The grouping of cards in proper manner and showing them to other players in the game play is called melding. As per the rules of Rummy, melding is necessary for the player who declares as well as for all the other players who are seated on that table. In all online Rummy variants, the declarer is required to meld his/her cards first as and if his/her declaration is valid, then only other players are expected to meld their cards. It is to be kept in mind that cards that are sent for melding cannot be withdrawn and any incorrect grouping can lead to point deduction. There is a set time limit defined for melding the cards at, which is shown prominently on the screen while the time of melding. After melding is completed, the cards must be sent through the ‘Send’ button placed on the game window.

  • How to Send Cards

    In Rummy game when any of the players declares, then it becomes necessary for other players to show their cards as well. For showing their cards, they have to meld and send them. As soon as the cards of the declarer get validated, other players get the ‘Send Cards’ button on bottom right corner of their screen. Since in online Rummy, there is a time limitation for everything and that holds true for sending cards also. Arrange your cards properly so that minimum points are deducted and then click ‘Send Cards’ button. However, your cards are sent automatically as well if you do not click this button within the time that comes on the ticking box.

  • Multiplier

    At, you can play the rummy game at different cash levels. Depending on the multiplier of the rummy game, the points won/lost are calculated. The multiplier addressed at 0.5x, 1x,2x etc defines how much a player can win/lose. For example- In a 1x 13 card rummy game, if A gives 20 penalty points to B, then B will be credited with Rs.20. But in a 2x game, if A gives 20 penalty points to B, then B will be credited with Rs. 40( 20 points X 2x multiplier).