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Play Online Rummy at Adda52Rummy

Rummy is the most prominent and unquestionable monarch of card games in this country. Whenever loved ones come together, rummy decks come out and cards are dealt.

With the onward march of technology, our lives have been made smoother and more hassle-free. Technology has also touched the domain of gaming. You no longer have to play rummy by being physically present in the midst of family and friends. You can play rummy online!

Online Rummy is one of the most popular card games played across India. Millions of rummy enthusiasts are switching every day to the digital avatar of online rummy. As much as the game of rummy is thrilling and entertaining, Adda52Rummy offers unlimited fun packed with a healthy dose of challenge to make you come back for more. The perfect emulsion of cash rummy games and exciting rummy tournaments make Adda52Rummy an ideal platform to hone your rummy skills.

Whether you are new to this card game or a veteran, you should definitely play rummy online. It is so much more convenient and there are quite a few attractive perks as well! You can play different variants of rummy, be pitted against some of the best players of the country and win huge real cash rewards! With easy access to the website, free registrations and amazing Welcome Offers, brace yourselves to be spoilt for choice and rewarding cash bonuses! 

Experience the best of rummy with a world-class gaming interface especially curated for seamless online gaming. If you have the skills, this is where you must land your skill-rocket! Here the sky's the limit for your winnings and the winning season never comes to an end. We know what you love and that’s why we never miss a chance to surprise you! 

So get charged up for a thrilling and entertaining online rummy experience at Adda52Rummy!


The popularity of card games in India has experienced exponential growth with the introduction of Online Rummy. At Adda52Rummy, we are bent on satisfying every wish of an avid rummy player. 

Playing Rummy can be an extremely delightful spare-time activity with family and friends. Most people usually stick to one variant when they play rummy with friends and family. However, when you play rummy online, you have the option to choose from several different types of rummy game variations. One of the main reasons why online rummy has become so popular in India is due to the availability of these different choices in the rummy game variation. Players also get to choose from low stakes to high stakes multiplayer rummy tables. In fact, we were the first to pioneer the 21 card Marriage Rummy. Well, that’s a delight! Play free-roll tournaments, cash games, and win exciting cash prizes.

To become an expert in rummy online, players could master all the variations of rummy or just a few. So, let us explore some of the most popular forms of online rummy that are played by Indian rummy players.

13 Cards Rummy

The basic variation of online rummy is the 13 cards rummy and it is one of the most widely played forms of the rummy game in India. This version of rummy can be played either with your friends or even against other people online. The 13 cards version of rummy is relatively easy to play and can be played as an interesting way to pass leisure time as well. To play 13 cards rummy you should be aware of some of the most basic rules of rummy.

13 cards rummy is played with 2 full decks of standard playing cards each having a total of 52 cards and 2 printed Jokers. The value of each card is equal to their printed rank. For example, the cards numbered from 2 to 10 of any suite are valued from 2-10, while the Ace, Jack, Queen and King are the four higher value cards in rummy, each valued at 10 points. There are 4 suits- Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs and each has 13 differently ranked cards.

A game of 13 cards rummy online begins by dealing 13 cards each to a group of 2 to 6 players after which a single card is randomly selected from the remaining cards and placed face up as the Cut Joker. This means that apart from the 2 printed Jokers, this card and all other cards of the same rank but from the other suits also become Cut Jokers, which can be used to form impure sequences or sets. The cut joker forms the start of the discard pile. The other remaining cards are placed face down and known as the draw pile.

The primary objective of players who play online rummy in the 13 cards variant is to declare all before other players. To do this, players need to form at least one pure sequence with a supported impure sequence, one pure set and the other cards are to be arranged into any combination of sequences and sets.

13 cards rummy can be of the following types-

Points Rummy

This variation of rummy is a type of 13 cards rummy that involves real money. At Adda52Rummy, you can play Points rummy online and win a real cash prize. According to the rules of Points rummy, each point is assigned a currency value before the game begins. This point is called the multiplier. Each player tries to arrange their 13 cards in sequences and sets.

All the cards that a player is not able to arrange into pure or impure sequences and sets will generate points for that player. The winner of the rummy game is, of course, the person with the lowest point. These points from unmatched cards are accumulated from each player who hasn’t won and assigned to the winner of the rummy game. The total points are multiplied by the rupee value that was decided earlier and this amount is the cash prize that the winner takes home. A rake is deducted. 

When you play online rummy at Adda52Rummy, you can drop out of a game whenever you wish but there will be penalties levied accordingly. For example, if you drop out early in a 13 card rummy game, you are assigned 10 points as a penalty and if you drop out later in the game, then you are assigned 30 points as a penalty. 

The popularity of Points rummy owes to the fact that this rummy game is fast-paced and gets over quickly in a single deal, making it one of the most popular modes of playing 13 cards rummy.

Pool Rummy

In this variation of online rummy, each player pays a buy-in to be a part of the rummy online game. In simple words, the winner of pool rummy takes home all the money pooled in when the players paid the buy-in. What you win is the sum of the total buy-in multiplied by the number of players. 

When you register at Adda52Rummy, you are given a joining bonus which you can use as a buy-in to a game of pool rummy.

Pool rummy when played in the 13 cards rummy variation has two types, which include 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. The objective of pool rummy is to keep accumulating the least number of points so that you can keep playing the longest. In 101 Pool Rummy players who have accumulated more than 101 points in the course of the game, are eliminated. Similarly, in 201 Pool Rummy, players who have accumulated more than 201 points throughout the course of the game, are eliminated.

In this way, when a 13 cards pool rummy is played with 6 players, the number of players keeps reducing until there is a single player standing and this player is declared the winner of the combined pool of buy-ins or entry fees. This makes pool rummy an intense and challenging experience for online rummy players.

Deals Rummy

This variation of 13 cards rummy is based on either 2 or 3 deals played by only 2 players. According to the rules of deals rummy online, players are dealt 13 cards in each round or deal and the player with the least number of points after the deals are played wins. Dropouts either in the initial or middle stages are not allowed in deals rummy. This makes deals rummy a highly competitive and stimulating gaming experience for online rummy players.

In the case of the best of 3 rounds, the player who has the lowest score by the end of the 3 deals is declared the winner of the entire rummy game. However, if there is a tie in the points of both the players by the end of the third deal, then there will be a fourth deal that will finally decide the winner of the entire game. Since the maximum combined score for each deal is 80, at the end of the second deal, if the difference between the scores of both the players is more than 80, then the player with the lower score will automatically become the winner without a third deal being played.

In the case of the best of 2 rounds, the same rules apply, except that the difference between the scores of both the players will not be calculated at the end of the first or second deal. This is because the best of 2 is a relatively shorter game and there is no need for such a count. In the best of 2 deals rummy online, the player who has the lowest score by the end of the second deal or round is declared the winner of the entire rummy game. However, if there is a tie in the score of the 2 players by the end of the second deal or round, then there will be a third tie-breaker round and the player who has the lowest score at the end of these 3 deals or rounds will be the final winner of the online rummy game.

21 Cards Rummy

The 21 card rummy is the most complex one and is often attempted by pro rummy players only. However, it is not extremely difficult to master 21 cards rummy if you know all the required rules and regulations. With some good amount of practice you too can become an ace at 21 cards rummy online. To do this, you first need to understand the rules which are given below in detail.

When you play rummy online, the 21 card variation requires you to know some of the commonly used terms, without which you will be clueless during the course of the rummy game.

  • Pure Sequence – It is a group of 3 or more cards from the same suit that are placed in consecutive rank and no joker card is involved. For example, the 8, 9, and 10 of Spades can form a pure sequence.

  • Impure Sequence – It is similar to a pure sequence but it has one card substituted with either a printed or a cut joker. 4 of Hearts, 5 of Hearts, and 1 printed joker form an impure sequence. 

  • Pure Set – It is a group of 3 or more cards of the same rank or value from different suites without the joker. For example, a 7 of Spades, 7 of Hearts, and 7 of Diamonds can form a pure set.

  • Impure Set – It is similar to a pure set but with one card substituted by a printed or a cut joker.

  • Dublees – It is a pair of cards from the same suit and rank.

  • Tanalas – It is a group of 3 cards from the same suit and having the same rank.

  • Cut Joker/Sterling Joker – The cut joker or sterling joker as it is called in the 21 card rummy version, is the random card that is placed face up at the beginning of the game after all the players have been dealt their cards.

  • Paplu/Upper Card Joker – The Paplu or upper card joker is a card from the same suit as the sterling joker but one consecutive rank up. For example, if 6 of Diamonds is the sterling joker, then the 7 of diamonds is the Paplu.

  • Taplu/Lower Card Joker – the Taplu or lower card joker is a card from the same suit as the sterling joker but one consecutive rank down. For example, if the 6 of Diamonds is the sterling joker, then the 5 of Diamonds is the Taplu.

  • Marriage Hands – It is a group of 3 cards which consist of the Paplu, the Sterling Joker, and the Taplu. Similarly, it can also be formed with 3 Paplu cards and 3 Taplu cards.

According to the rules of 21 cards rummy online, there are several requirements to successfully win 21 cards online rummy game. To win, a player needs to fulfill any of these requirements: 3 pure sequences, 8 dublees in 8 different groups, 3 tanalas in 3 different groups, 8 different jokers in 1 group, and 2 valid marriage hands. The remaining cards can be arranged in any form of pure or impure sequences or sets. Once a player declares and validation finds that the cards have been arranged as per the rules, he/she is announced as the winner of the online rummy game of 21 cards.

Now playing online rummy is only a click away with Adda52Rummy App available on both Android and iOS devices. Enjoy uninterrupted online rummy games anytime, anywhere! No complex downloads, no bothersome clicking. It’s a simple and straight pathway to your favourite game. In case of doubts, there is a devoted customer support to tide you over your rummy games.

Online rummy games on Adda52Rummy App, will transcend you into a unique and user-friendly gaming environment. Choose from the different rummy variants available on the App for a different rummy experience every time. Play cash rummy tournaments with highest prize pools to take your gaming experience to the next level along with a chance to compete against some of the most seasoned rummy players. 

A rummy app is a platform where you can play rummy, keep tabs on the latest promotions and get the news of upcoming tournaments. 

A rummy app can be more advantageous than playing rummy on the website. You’ll just have to tap on the rummy app icon and you can start playing anytime. The app has all the features that the website does. It runs faster and smoother than a website.

Adda52Rummy App

There are many online rummy apps in the market. Adda52Rummy app is in a league of its own. 

  • When you play rummy online on the Adda52Rummy app, you stand to win enormous cash rewards. Tournaments with monthly prize pools of INR 30,00,000 are organized. You can participate in these tournaments and win lakhs of rupees!

  • You also get a present for joining the Adda52Rummy community of rummy players. Once you create your account after downloading the app, you get INR 1 lakh freeroll chips. Free chips can be used to pay for the buy-in of rummy games. So, you will basically play rummy online for free! This is particularly useful when you are a new rummy player and haven’t understood all the rules yet. You can practice as much as you want without denting your account. With no fear of losing money, you can focus on learning the game.

  • The Adda52Rummy app is completely free.

  • You can decide at which table you will play rummy. Different tables have different buy-ins and point values. So, choose a table based on how much you are willing to pay.

  • When you play rummy on the Adda52Rummy app, you can also choose your opponents, a unique feature offered by this app.   

  • The Adda52Rummy app can be downloaded on any phone, whether it is operated by Android, iOS or even on devices powered by Windows. You just have to visit the Play Store (Android), App Store (Apple) or Microsoft Store (windows), type out the app name and download the app. 

At Adda52Rummy, we offer some of the largest giveaways to keep you charged up! Winnings here mean more as with every win you get a bountiful reward. Every thrilling tournament, both freeroll and cash, is accompanied by cash prizes plus bonuses of all sorts. Our cash prizes are popular for being among the highest in the market. Have a look at the promotion section for enthralling tournaments, cash games and deposit offers.

We know that sometimes people like a little pick-me-up, gifts, and presents to cheer them up and keep themselves motivated. That is why when you play rummy online on Adda52Rummy (on both the app and the website), you receive give-away prizes every now and then to keep your interest soaring. Along with lucrative cash rewards for rummy tournaments, there are bonuses too that are up for you to grab. 

Tournaments organized during special times of the year, such as Republic Day tournaments, New Year Bash tournaments, Christmas tournaments offer unbelievable bonuses. Some tournaments give you free tickets. These offers give players added reasons to enter rummy tournaments. 

You can also avail of a welcome bonus of INR 6000. You can win the Joining Bonus, Instant Cash or Instant Bonus, and Locked bonus on Deposit Marketing Offers. 

All ongoing tournaments offer special bonuses. They all have prize pools amounting to Lakhs of rupees. Tournaments that will interest you because of their lucrative bonus offers are Weekend Delights, Super 50, Rummy Megathon, Welcome Tourney, Rummy Rockers, Rummy Masters, Rummy Riders, Rummy Gladiator, etc. 

Why Play Rummy Tournaments?

Rummy tournaments are exclusive events for which players need to register beforehand. These special events have multiple tables with multiple players, all playing to win that large cash prize at the end. For a rummy tournament, the ultimate cash prize depends on the number of players. The higher the number of players, the bigger the amount of the tournament cash prize. These aspects make online rummy tournaments an attractive and healthy competition.

Types of Online Rummy Tournaments

  • Practice Tournaments – These are free to play online rummy tournaments for players to hone their rummy skills.

  • Promotional Tournaments – These online rummy tournaments are organized usually once every month to promote Adda52Rummy and you can join these free of cost and still stand to win real cash prizes.

  • Jackpot Tournaments – These rummy tournaments are played daily and players can either join free or buy-in using cash, loyalty points, or tickets. The ultimate cash prize is up to INR 2 lakhs.

  • Satellite Tournaments – These are also free to play rummy tournaments that are organized based on a schedule for weekdays or weekends. Players can also stand to win large cash prizes here.

  • Cash Tournaments – The most frequently played rummy online tournaments where players can buy-in and win real cash prizes.

  • Mega Tournaments – These are cash rummy tournaments that are played through several days and may even go on for an entire month in some cases.

  • Freeroll Tournaments – This type of online rummy tournament is played once every month and players who are one-time depositors can enter such tournaments to win real cash prizes.

  • Turbo Tournaments – This is the fastest type of rummy online tournaments that are time-constrained and go on for just a few hours. They’re organized regularly after almost every 2 to 3 hours.

  • Club Tournaments – To enter an online rummy club tournament, the player needs to be a member of a club. There are no additional entry charges for these rummy club tournaments. They are exclusively organized daily for a specific pre-determined month.

Rewarding Rummy Tournaments on Adda52Rummy

Rummy tournaments at Adda52Rummy have some pre-determined rules that make them all the more exciting and challenging for players. These rules are put in place to ensure a fair and just gaming experience for all irrespective of whether they are beginners or pros. Since online rummy tournaments or tourneys consist of multiple tables each with a maximum of 6 players, the game proceeds with an elimination method. As and when players get eliminated, the number of tables keeps reducing and some other tables are merged to maintain the same balance of a maximum of 6 players. This maintains the balance of probabilities in online rummy tournaments, making it a fair bet for everyone.

Moreover, if a player exits the room during the rummy tournament, then he/she cannot rejoin the tournament. This is done so that the pace of the tournament can be maintained and there is no additional waiting time for players who are re-joining. In case a player decides to skip 2 consecutive turns during a round of the online rummy tournament, he/she automatically gets designated to sit-out mode. During this sit-out mode, when the player’s turn comes up again, he/she is given the top card of the draw deck and the same card is discarded into the discard pile. This is a neat feature to help players with internet latency during gameplay. Therefore, playing a tournament of rummy online at Adda52Rummy has its perks and benefits despite being an openly fair and competitive game.