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It’s too easy!

Pull your friends to Adda52 Rummy & get bonus of Rs 1,00000 for every friend you refer to us and not only that, your friend gets a special First Time Deposit Code (HIBUDDY)


* Maximum Bonus availed for one referral is Rs 1,00000, i.e. Rs 1 Lakh

* To receive this referral benefit, your friend / referee should use the link or referral code shared by you to register

* Upon using the referral code/link your friend / referee will also get a special first time deposit code

* Rs 1,00000 Bonus is of Unclaimed / Locked Bonus

* The bonus that you earn from friends you refer will reflect in your balance

* Once your and your friend's account is verified and you make a minimum deposit of Rs 500, you will get 10% instant bonus from the 1 Lakh Locked Bonus instantly (Maximum instant bonus in this case will be Rs 500). Please note the conditions for this instant bonus:

a)You and your friend have to verify your accounts

b)You have to make a minimum deposit/ lifetime deposit of Rs 500

c)Your friend has to make a minimum of Rs 500 as First Time Deposit

* Real cash chips will be unlocked by you once loyalty points are earned by your friend. Read More to know about loyalty program

* As Loyalty Points are an intellectual property of Adda52Rummy. It reserves full control over changes in Expiry, Redemption and other parameters.

* To make sure you avail refer a friend bonus, your friend must purchase a minimum of 50 real cash chips and participate in at-least one real cash game

* For every 100 loyalty points generated by your friend (100 loyalty points each*), 33 real cash chips would be automatically credited into your account, which you can use to play on cash tables

* Once you refer 5 friends, you again get a chance of getting 25% of all the first time deposits of your referred friends as Instant Bonus. Please note, your friends and you have to fulfil the verification criteria. You should also have a minimum of Rs 500 lifetime deposit, and your friends have to do a minimum of Rs 500 as their first time deposit. You can earn a maximum 25000 instant bonus per month by referring more than 5 friends. This amount of instant bonus will be credited to your account after the end of each month.

* No player under any condition can have more than one account at Adda52 Rummy

* By registering on Adda52 rummy, you agree to the Terms of Use

* This new referral program is applicable from 7th September 2019


* You cannot withdraw the bonus amount earned through loyalty points and you cannot earn more than 1,00000 real cash chips from one referral

* Each 1,00000 locked bonus received has a validity of 90 days,i.e., it has to be availed within 90 days from the date of receiving

* By registering on Adda52 Rummy, you agree to the Terms of Use of referral program

* reserves the right to amend or call off this promotion at any time without any prior notice

* Bonus allocation is a sole discretion at Adda52 Rummy. If any fraudulent play found, we reserve right to suspend the account