Loyalty Program

Benefits of Rummy Loyalty Program

  • What is Loyalty Program & how it is beneficial?

    Adda52rummy.com is India’s leading online rummy site and the first to introduce an exclusive reward program for its users. This reward program has been termed as the Loyalty Program & is applicable for cash rummy game players only. The idea behind this reward scheme is to express our gratitude to the users for spending their valuable time at our site & form a community of skilled rummy players.

    Multiple benefits of the Loyalty Program are –

    * The More loyalty points a user earns; faster is the rise in the club structure. Plus players get an equivalent no. of Reward Points, which can be converted to Instant Bonus

    * Players can get free entry to the Special Tournaments on Adda52rummy.

  • How does loyalty program work?

    When player registers with adda52rummy.com & makes any real cash deposits, he instantly becomes a member of our loyalty club. The initial loyalty level awarded to each player is the bronze level. As the player plays more & more cash games, loyalty points increase. The more loyalty points players earn, better will be their loyalty level & better would be the rewards.  Adda52Rummy offers exclusive Redeemable Reward points in exchange for your Loyalty Points. There will be a one-time conversion of all Loyalty Points to Reward Points on 10th Sept. Post that, all accumulated LPs in a particular month will get expired on the 1st of every month.
    Club Status will change with respect to the count of Loyalty Points accumulated in the existing month. This means, the more games you play, the more LPs you earn and higher will be your Club Status.
    The Club Status achieved at the end of the month will be retained for the next month. Once you reach the required number of LPs you will get instantly promoted to a higher rank, whereas, demotion in club structure will only be done on the 1st of every month, considering the count of LPs generated in the previous month.
    Reward Points generated are non-expirable and can be converted to Instant Bonus.

  • How to earn loyalty points?

    Players can earn loyalty points by playing real cash games– Points Rummy, 101 pool, 201 pool & Best of Three Rummy. The criteria which is followed to calculate the loyalty points is as follows –

    Upon wagering Rs. 30, you will earn 1 Loyalty Point

    Note :

    1. Users do not accumulate any loyalty points for playing Rummy Tournaments, be it cash or freeroll.

  • Can I see loyalty earned during a particular rummy session?

    Yes, in the game area itself you can see your current loyalty earned during a rummy session.

  • What are the different Loyalty Levels?

    As stated above, more the loyalty points; higher will be the loyalty levels. Adda52rummy currently has the following Loyalty Levels.

    Club Status                      

    Starting Points            


    0 points


    83 points


    313 points


    1125 points


    3938 points


    13500 points

  • Do these loyalty points exist for long term or expire after some time?

    A. Loyalty points expire on the 1st day of every month. The Loyalty level of a user depends on the loyalty points earned by him/her.

    1) Gaussian Networks Private Limited has the right to change these terms and conditions without any prior notice, so players must keep themselves updated about all the changes in terms and conditions.

    2) There is no use of creating multiple accounts at Adda52rummy.com, as playing from a single account will help you to earn more loyalty points & hence more benefits.

  • Note: Instant Bonus will expire in 7 days and Locked Bonus expires in 24 hours. As Loyalty Points are an intellectual property of Adda52Rummy. It reserves full control over changes in Expiry, Redemption and other parameters.

  • How can player get benefits being at a higher level?

    Players receive a lot of benefits as they go higher up the club tier. For instance, a platinum member will receive a higher Number of express redemptions, netbanking/card limit etc. vary as per your club tier