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How to Play 101 Pool Rummy

Pool rummy is a popular online 13 card rummy game format played among 2 to 4 players.101 Pool rummy is an interesting rummy game format where the game is played continuously for few rounds until one of the players has accumulated 101 or more points. Player who reaches 101 points in every round gets eliminated from the game. The last/left out player will be declared as the winner. Players can drop and continue gaming in any round.

101 Pool Rummy Game

The objective of pool rummy game variant is to score least points to continue playing further rounds. The player scoring 101 points or above gets eliminated in each round and the player with least points is declared winner

Prize money= (Entry Fee*number of players)- rake

There is split option available in 101 pool rummy game at adda52 rummy.

If two players opt for split, then both users will win Entry Fee - rake

101 Pool Rummy rules

  • It is a game played among 2 to 4 players
  • Every player is dealt with set of 13 cards
  • Player with highest score gets eliminated
  • Player with least score is declared winner at the end of all rounds
  • An entry fee is charged by every player and won by winner at the end of all rounds (after deducting the rake)
  • Users can increase chance of winning by opting for split
  • Mulitplier option is not available in 101 pool rummy.
  • The game does not start until all players are present on the table. Example: If it is a 4-player table, the game starts only when all 4 players are present on the table
  • There is a sit out feature available in 101 pool rummy at adda52 rummy in which a player can sit out and his cards will continue to play
  • Players can opt to drop in 101 pool rummy games which will charge penalty
  • The initial drop of 20 points
  • The middle drop of 40 points
  • The wrong declaration of 80 points
  • The maximum count/deal/show in pool 101 rummy game will be 80 points
  • A player who makes valid sequences will loose 0 points.
  • Players who make invalid sequence or set will lose points based on cards he dealt
  • There is no rebuy option in 101 pool rummy game at adda52 rummy
  • Player who remains till last round of the game is declared as winner and wins the prize money as mentioned above

Start playing pool 101 rummy games at adda52 rummy and win cash online