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Tournament Details
Tournament Details
Total Prize2,50,000
Starts10th Aug,2018 @ 7.00 PM
Entry Fee50 LP or TKT
Format13 Cards

Rummy Delight (10th Aug,2018 @ 7.00 PM)

Best Rummy experience guaranteed!! Play Rummy Delight on 10th Aug, 2018 & win from Rs 2,50,000 prize pool. 

Tournament Details:-

TournamentEntry CriteriaDate / TimePrize
Rummy Delight 50 LP or TKT 10th Aug @ 7.00 PM Rs. 2,50,000

Notes -
  1. Prize pool Rs. 2,50,000 is applicable for entire promotion i.e. on 10th August, 2018
  2. Prize pool is instant bonus cash
  3. Player should have atleast 50 loyalty points or Ticket to participate in the tournament
  4. Player must avoid unfair game play to qualify
  5. Mobile verification is required to register in tournament
  6. For any query please contact at


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