Xtreme Weekdays for Extreme Players

  • Total Prize
  • Starts
    Entry Fee
    MON - FRI @ 10 pm
    Strats @ ₹500
    13 Cards
    All clubs

Feeling worn out? Or is it the heat killing you? We have a solution. Join Xtreme Weekdays every Monday to Friday and win from ₹60,000. What better way to recharge yourself and juice up your evenings? No more dull moments. Go for it, go hard at it. Block your 10 PM slot, already.


Enter with ₹500.


When: Monday to Friday 

Time: 10 PM

Prize pool: ₹60,000

Entry Fee: ₹500 Onwards

XTREME WEEKDAYS EVERY MON-FRI @ 10 PM Rs. 500/- Rs. 60,000/-

Rules of promotion

- The total prize pool of ₹12,60,000 is applicable for the entire month. 

- The prize for the promotion is real cash. 

- Players must avoid unfair gameplay to qualify.

- Mobile verification is required for registration to the tournament. 

-All other T&C of adda52rummy.com are applicable on the entire promotion.