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Refer A Friend and see real cash multiply!

Nothing like having a friend in online rummy right! When you ‘Refer A Friend’ on, you also get awesome benefits. Whenever your friend and earns loyalty points, you too get real cash chips!

The more number of friends and the more they play, your account will keep ringing with real cash!

Terms & Conditions:-
-To receive referral benefits, send the registration link from the refer-a-friend page and ask your friend register for sure.
-You will receive Bonus Chips only when your friend purchases Real Cash Chips and plays at least one Real Cash game.

-Whenever your friend earns 100 Loyalty Points, 20 Real Cash chips will be credited to your account. You can avail a maximum of 5000 Real Cash Chips from one referral.

-Every 100 loyalty points accumulated on tables with reduced rake (such as VIP tables and high stake tables), issues 5 Real Cash chips.

-These referral benefits do not apply to special rake discount tables.

-The 1% rake back benefits also do not apply on the special rake discount tables.

-For the 1% rake back benefit to accrue, you must continue to stay on the table even when the friend leaves.
-A player is allowed to possess only one account on Neither you nor your friend are allowed to have more than one account on Infact if players are found to have multiple accounts under other names, these players will be subjectively barred from the site.

By registering on, you agree to the Terms of Use specified in site. reserves the right to amend or call off this promotion at any time without any prior notice.
In short, hurry, refer friends and earn referral cash now!

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