Online Rummy Game App Download

Rummy is a card game that has taken the country by storm ever since it went online. It has become accessible to all. Even people, who have never played any card game ever before, are taking the leap and joining online rummy tables to sample the thrill and excitement of playing rummy.

Anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can play rummy online now through a rummy app. The rummy app is the definition of convenience. You are used to downloading apps to play different games. And now, there’s a trusted rummy app that will let you play your beloved card game. No more visiting the website to sign up for rummy games, checking out the latest promotions, etc.; you can do all that much more easily with just a tap on your smartphone. Just whip out your phone, open your rummy app and that’s it! Why not make the most of technology?

The rummy app experience

You might be wondering, why should you download an online rummy app? Another app might just slow my phone down. 

You see, a rummy game app gives you certain advantages. It makes the experience smoother and more appealing. Firstly, the rummy app is simply a lot more convenient than the website. Don’t worry! You won’t be missing out on anything because the rummy app contains all the features that the website does. 

Secondly, this works in favour of the rummy app argument. You can play rummy even without an internet connection when you use the rummy game app

Moreover, the rummy app provides a personalized experience and is more suitable for regular usage than the rummy website. 

Why Adda52rummy app will add a new dimension to the thrill of rummy playing

Of the plethora of rummy apps out there, why should you pick Adda52rummy app? This app comes with some unique advantages that no other rummy app will offer.

When you register on the Adda52Rummy app with your phone number and email address verified, your account will immediately be credited with a whopping 1 lakh free chips. What are free chips? Chips are the currency in the world of rummy. Free chips are a gift bestowed to you by the Adda52rummy app. You can play free rummy games on this rummy app with these chips. They can be utilized for the buy-in of rummy games. 

This benefit comes in handy when you are new to rummy and haven’t yet grasped the rules. Free chips ensure that you do not lose any money when you don’t win the rummy games. Repeatedly losing games and money can discourage a person from continuing. But, with the free chips offered by the Adda52rummy app, you can get as much practice as you need to build your skill-set, gain confidence and get ready to participate in cash rummy games. 

This rummy app is free! You don’t have to fork out money to download our rummy app.

The user interface is carefully designed to be convenient and hassle-free for all.

Another feature of this rummy game app that sets it apart from its competitors is the opportunity to select your opponents. You can have a say in who you will play against. If you are new and unsure of your rummy skills, you can avert tables populated by expert rummy players.

On this online rummy app, the table can accommodate a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 people. For example, if you are playing deals rummy, it’ll just be you and another player. Whereas if you believe in ‘the more the merrier’, you can be a part of a table of 6 and play Pool rummy on this online rummy app.

Some of the finest rummy players in the country are registered on Adda52Rummy. So, when you play on this online rummy app, you will be pitted against the best of the best. This will help you hone your rummy skills. 

You can decide how much you are playing for on this online rummy app. The tables are arranged in terms of the buy-in and value points. These determine the prize amount. You can pick a table based on how much you are willing to spend. If you don’t feel like taking much of a risk, you can opt for a table with a smaller buy-in. 

Most importantly, playing rummy on our rummy app is a pretty lucrative deal. It gives you the chance to win huge cash rewards. On this rummy game app, there are monthly prize pools of INR 30 lakhs - all yours for the taking!

There are different kinds of tournaments you can enter - cash tournaments, promotional tournaments, freeroll tournaments, mega tournaments, jackpot tournaments, practice tournaments etc. on this rummy app. Take your pick and start playing!

Rummy app for Android, iOS and Windows

Whether your phone runs on Android, iOS or Windows, Adda52rummy app will work on your device. We wanted to ensure that no one missed out on the opportunity to experience the fun of playing rummy on a rummy app. Different technology stacks have been used so that the online rummy app can be run by all three operating systems.

How to download rummy app on Android

If your phone operates on Android, then you will find the Adda52rummy app in the Google Play Store. 

Simply type Adda52rummy app in the search bar.

Tap on ‘Install’. Your rummy app will be downloaded and installed. Then, you have to click on ‘Open’. You can now proceed to create your rummy account on Adda52Rummy app. 

How to download rummy app on iOS

If you want to install this rummy app on your Apple device, then you will have to visit the App Store. Search for the Adda52rummy apk. Tap on the ‘Get’ button. Your rummy app will be downloaded.

How to download rummy app on Windows

If you want to download the rummy apk on your laptop or computer that runs on Windows operating system, then you will have to go to the Microsoft Store. There’s an Apps or Games tab in the Microsoft Store. You can visit this tab or you can simply type Adda52rummy app in the search bar. Click on the icon, and then click on ‘Install’. Then, launch the rummy app. Now, you can create your rummy account and start playing this card game.

Is playing rummy on this new rummy app legal?

Many people refrain from playing on a rummy app because of the misconception that online rummy is illegal in India. But, don’t let this misconception deprive you of the thrill of playing rummy online.

Rummy, played on a rummy app or the traditional way, is perfectly legal in India. The Supreme Court of India, the highest law-giver in the nation, had labeled rummy ‘a game of skill’ in its historic 1967 ruling. This means that winning depends on your skill. You will require copious amounts of strategizing, planning and analyzing to win. Anyone who has played rummy will understand that he/she really has to work his/her brain to win a rummy game. Chance or luck has nothing to do with it. 

In fact, there have been several Supreme Court rulings over the years which had reiterated that rummy is legal. 

The Public Gambling Act has put the onus of deciding the legality of gaming on state legislatures. Most states of India have decided that rummy is indeed a game of skill, and playing this card game on a rummy app will not invite a penalization. The only exception is the states Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu and Telangana where the law regarding this game of skill is ambiguous. Hence, the Adda52rummy app does not extend the opportunity to play rummy for cash to these seven states. However, players from these states can participate in free rummy games on this new rummy app.

Is the rummy game app safe?

Another reason some people shy away from using a rummy apk for playing this card game is that they fear that the rummy app may not be secure enough. This is a valid fear. Monetary transactions are involved and you have to enter your personal details. Apps can introduce a dangerous virus into your device. What with phishing activities and online scams becoming more and more prevalent, you are quite right to research into the safety of any rummy apk that you download.

The Adda52rummy game app is free of virus and completely secure. This rummy app runs the Encrypted Data Transmission, Malware and Identity Verification scans. The Adda52rummy app also holds the Norton Secure certificate which substantiates the claim that this rummy app will keep your data and transactions secure.

Card shuffling too is completely just and fair on this online rummy app. You may rest assured that there will be no partiality or prejudice when cards are dealt to the different players. Adda52rummy game app holds the Random Number Generator Certificate issued by iTech Labs which proves this.

Practice chips vs real chips on this rummy app

There are two kinds of chips on the Adda52rummy app. You can play practice rummy games with the practice chips. These chips are free of cost. Real chips, on the other hand, are meant for real cash games on this new rummy app. They are to be utilized for the buy-in of different cash rummy tournaments.   You can generate real chips when you deposit money into your rummy account on this online rummy app. 

What variants of rummy can be played on this rummy app?

All the variants of rummy game that are immensely popular in India can be found in this rummy app. Adda52 rummy app lets you participate in 21 cards rummy and 13 cards rummy along with its many sub-variants. 

21 cards rummy

On this rummy app, 21 cards rummy is played with 3 decks. Each player at the rummy table is dealt 21 cards. To win, a player must produce -

  • 3 pure sequences (remaining cards to be arranged into any series of sequences and sets)

  • A group of 8 jokers

  • 8 dublees in 8 groups

  • 3 tanalas in 3 groups

  • 2 marriage sets

To understand the different terms and rules, visit the ’21 card rummy online’ segment of the rummy app.

13 cards rummy

13 cards rummy is the go-to rummy game variant for most Indians. On this rummy app, it is played with 2 decks, and there can be 2-6 players at each table. Each player is given 13 cards. These need to be arranged into sequences and sets. There has to be one pure sequence with a supported impure sequence and one pure set. You are at liberty to arrange the rest of the cards any way you like.

There are different variants of 13 cards rummy played on this rummy app -

Pool rummy

Pool rummy on this new rummy app involves 2-4 players, and quite a few rounds are played continuously until all the players but 1 are eliminated. There are two versions of Pool rummy on this rummy app. In 101 Pool rummy, any player whose score reaches 101 is eliminated. In 201 rummy, a score of 201 results in elimination. 

In Pool rummy, the winner gets a prize amount equaling the entry fee multiplied by the number of players. A rake is deducted.

Points rummy

In Points rummy on this rummy app, each point is assigned a predetermined value. It is also called the multiplier. The person who wins gets chips equivalent to the sum of the points of all the other players multiplied by the point value. The rake is deducted from the total winnings.

Deals rummy

On this online rummy app, deals rummy is in the forms of Best of 3 and Best of 2. The person with the lower score once the deals are played is the winner. 

Now that we have explained why a rummy app is just the thing you need to have a wonderful time, download the Adda52rummy app, create your account and get started right away! Very soon you too will be making a lot of real cash by participating in thrilling rummy tournaments