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Rummy Card Game

Rummy card game is basically matching group of cards with same rank or same sequence which belongs to same suit

Evolution of Rummy Game

  • Rummy games evolved from the Mexican game Conquian, which is ancestor of all sorts of rummy card games. 

  • It is said that the Mexican migrants moved this game to America. 

  • The prominent Indian rummy games are extensions of gin rummy and rummy 500 which originated in the United States.

  • Rummy games are also said to be derived from Chinese card games named Khanhoo. 

  • It is believed that the rummy game principles such as melding and discarding cards were used in Chinese card games early in the 18th century.

  • According to newspapers of Hungary, it is reported that the citizens were playing rummy games at the café’s which was observed after world war 1.

How did Rummy get its name?

  • It is believed that the British people were fascinated by this card game variant. 

  • As per sources, There was a history that the player who lost would buy a drink or rum to win. So, Rummy got its name from the word “Rum”.

  • There is another story behind the name Rummy. i.e., John Scarne, an author of card games has penned in his book saying, “The game rummy has been derived from a game called ‘Whisky Poker/Rum Poker’, and this led to the name ‘Rummy’ in future”

  • Knowing the evolution of rummy card games and how the name has been derived, one thing strikes most hard is the fact that rummy games originated a thousand years ago. 

  • This card game has been played in almost all parts of the world.

  • The game which was popular pastime and played offline for fun or to bet on money, is now one of the popular online games played by millions of users on a daily basis.

How did Rummy Card Game Online come into existence?

  • Rummy game culture in India has various fun stories played for entertainment at home with friends and family at festivals as a tradition. 

  • Online rummy has been in existence for a decade and the online rummy portals emerging day by day in speed proves that rummy is loved online among users. 

  • Rummy has made an impeccable breakthrough entry in the digital medium and has witnessed tremendous growth in years. 

  • Users invest lakhs of rupees and win double the amount playing online games. 

  • Experience the digital genre of rummy online on website or app to play in a click 

Rummy Card Game at Adda52Rummy

  • Adda52Rummy offers a platter of thrill, entertainment in gaming, innovation in rummy game variations, plethora of promotions which makes online rummy gaming at adda52rummy super fun.

  • As soon as a user signs up, he is offered abundant practise chips. 

  • There are several bonus packages and deposit offers to welcome users. 

  • There are free games, cash games, and online tournaments available to play for entertainment and earn money too

  • User can play rummy card games at adda52rummy website or on adda52rummy app anywhere anytime

How to Play Rummy Card Game

  • Rummy games are played among 2 to 6 players who are dealt with 2 decks of cards.

  • Every player will be dealing with 13 cards which will be issued on the game table

  • From the 2 deck of cards, one random card will be selected as a wild joker apart from the joker card with joker print 

  • Every player will draw and discard cards to form valid sequences or sets

  • Players can use the wild joker and printed joker to form impure sets

  • According to rummy rules, if a player arranges pure sequences and impure based on the game variant, player can make a declaration and win the game

For more guidance on rummy variants and its gameplay, visit how to play rummy section