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Indian Marriage Rummy

There are many kinds of card games in existence, of which Rummy is probably one of the most popular and widely-played. Indian marriage too is a kind of Rummy which is played with 3 or more packs of cards. It is also popularly and colloquially referred to as 21-card Rummy. The objective at the end of the game is to remain the player with the maximum number of points even after playing all hands. This game is very popular and quite challenging at times. Expertise and experience are the cornerstones of mastering Indian marriage. “Showing” the game must remain each player’s key aim in this online rummy game since it is through this strategy that the game can be won.

How to Play Indian Marriage Rummy

This Rummy game must be played with three or more 52 cards deck minus the joker or the wild cards. Ever player picks one card and the one with the highest number makes the first deal. In the course of the game, the movement is towards the left or clockwise.

Each player is dealt 21 cards by the player who picks the highest card as mentioned above. The remaining cards are placed on the table. The person to the left of the dealer must now pick a card from the top of the pile on the table to make melds. For every card picked, one card must also be discarded. As the game moves clockwise, every player has the option of choosing a card from the top of the stock pile, or the discard pile.

The objective of the 21 card Rummy game is to make sets and runs. Sets consist of three cards with the same face value: for example, three queens, three fives and so on. A run consists of four cards in sequence within the same suit. An ace in a run can serve either as a high card or a low card but not both at the same time.

Indian Marriage Rummy Rules & Strategy

The first important thing, a player must do in this variant of Rummy, is try and make three complete sets or three complete runs as soon as possible. This will allow him to see the joker which is a hidden card. The joker is a random card picked up from the stock pile and it determines the value of two other wild cards which are known as the ‘Value Cards’. After the player has seen the joker he may declare the game over by showing if all his cards have melded.

There are five types of melding allowed in Indian marriage rummy. They are as follows:

Pure run consisting of 6, 7 and of diamonds

Pure set consisting of three 6s of diamonds

Run with the help of a joker or wildcard consisting of 6 and 7 of diamonds and a joker or wildcard

Set with the help of a joker of wildcard consisting of 6 of hearts, 6 of diamonds and joker or wildcard

All the joker or wild cards

Melding requires at least three cards. There is no upper limit to the number of cards that can be used in melding. It is the most important part of Rummy.