Rummy Games

One of the most popular card games of India, Rummy games are skill-based games and a great source of entertainment. is your ultimate online rummy site to play Rummy and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Mind simulation
  • Quick decision making
  • Sharp memory
  • Creative thinking
  • Extra earnings
  • A rich source of entertainment
  • Social bonding
  • Stress buster

Adda52Rummy is a one-size-fits-all portal. The website and app cater to the needs of beginners as well as professional players. You can play various online free rummy, cash rummy games and tournaments 


As soon as a user registers, he is offered 1 lakh practice chips with which he can play free practice rummy games. Signup now and start playing free rummy games to enhance your rummy skills


One of the most rewarding features of online rummy is the element of winning real cash. This makes rummy all the more fun and alluring. Choose from a variety of online cash rummy games, and play online rummy tournaments at minimum buy-ins to take away huge cash prizes.


Rummy Tournaments are the most thrilling and rewarding format of online rummy. You can win a whopping amount of money in just a few games. Adda52Rummy is one of the top rummy portals which hosts round-the clock rummy tournaments both free roll and cash.

RUMMY GAME VARIANTS is your all-in-one rummy portal for playing all rummy variants. You can master your rummy skills on our multiplayer rummy tables choosing your own favourite rummy game variant. Some of the most popular rummy variants are as below:

  • 13 Cards Rummy: The most predominant form of card game played across the universe. 13 card rummy is available in different game formats such as pool, points, deals and many more
  • 21 Cards Rummy It is one of the most exciting rummy games and has a unique gaming style which makes the game all the more interesting. You should definitely try your hand at this variant of rummy
  • Gin Rummy:One of the oldest variants of rummy games, Gin Rummy is popular throughout the world among all rummy enthusiasts.
  • Indian Rummy: The evolution of rummy in India brought Indian Rummy into its existence. It is a very popular rummy variant played at almost every Indian household
  • Rummy 500: Also known as Pinochle rummy or Michigan rummy, it is one of the most popular rummy variants and several other games like canasta are believed to have developed from Rummy 500
  • Indian Marriage Rummy: The marriage rummy game was first given a fresh breather at Adda52Rummy. Play the 21 Card rummy online with a twist of marriage concept
  • Contract Rummy: Also known as Combination rummy, Contract rummy is another popular rummy variant similar to Gin Rummy.