Rummy Games

Rummy games are popular and most fondly played online in this generation. Adda52 rummy portal is drawing crowds with wonderful offers and games to be played on best user interface.

Rummy Game Online

Playing rummy games online offers excitement and only a rummy buff can know the kick they get by playing rummy game online. Adda52 Rummy knows how to offer thrill to every rummy player by providing amazing cash prizes to be won

Indian Rummy Game

Gone are the days of visiting clubs to play rummy. Betting money on card games and winning or losing by playing rummy have faded which cannot match online version of rummy in reputed portals

  • Play free rummy games or cash rummy games with affordable entry fees where you have an idea of how much you will win or lose.

  • Go through rummy rules and be a pro player

  • Adda52 rummy offers tailor-made rummy online gaming for Indians. 

Rummy Game Variants

13 card game is the most popular rummy game variants online. The most renowned game variants are as below

  • 21 card game

  • Gin Rummy

  • Indian Rummy

  • Rummy 500

  • Indian Marriage Rummy

  • Contract Rummy

  • The marriage rummy game was first invented by the leading online rummy portal, Adda52 Rummy. 

Play the 21 card rummy online with twist of marriage concept 

Free Rummy Game

Adda52 rummy is a one-size-fits-all portal. The website and app cater to the needs of beginners to professional players.

  • Free rummy games are available with challenging and rewarding tournaments. 

  • Players eagerly wait for the promotions as they will have blockbuster features and convenient timings for them to take part.

Cash Rummy Game

  • There are various cash rummy online games, online tournaments in adda52 rummy at affordable Buy-Ins available at multiple time slots.

  • Relish rummy games to play anytime anywhere on the rummy app. 

  • Check out the ongoing promotions to start eyeing on cash games with exciting rewards.

Card Games in Movies

Card Games are so prominent that they are found in movies too. You will definitely find card games played in most of the movies which feature adventure and thrill. Check out movies based on card games:

  • 21 Movie- A group of talented students learn card games by their teacher to make enough money at Casinos.

  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels- This movie revolves around 4 characters: Tom, Eddy, Bacon and Soap who invest $100,000 together on Eddy for card games to double their money.

  • Casino Royale-An International spy is given all the privileges to kill and loads of money to bill at casinos by playing high roller tournaments.

  • Ocean’s ElevenCalifornia Split- Story of two friends who possess mutual love on card games. The movie is about how these friends will overcome troubles among skilled players

  • The Hangover- Amidst the groom missing for his wedding, a bunch of 4 friends having a crazy night at a casino is featured in this movie

  • The Cincinnati Kid- Story revolves around a kid who is trying to make his name in the world of cards.

  • Rounders: Known as a milestone movie featured on card games. A Law student and former poker player Mike will bear the responsibility to collect funds for a friend who will be in need of money.

  • The Sting- A movie with 7 Oscar awards, is a story about a conman. This movie features gambling techniques that prevailed at that time with poker playing a key role in the plot.

  • Maverick- This movie is based on a poker game with amusing humour. This story is about Mel Gibson and the struggle he faces. He is a gambler who wants to win the Wild West Poker Game and falls short of $3000 to pay the entry fee.  

Experience live rummy gaming environment at adda52 rummy. Relive the iconic card game moments showcased in movies. Compete with highly skilled players of India and get rewards for your rummy skills.