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Tournament Schedule
02-12-2018 Daily Jackpot @10AM 10 LP 13 Cards 750 10:00 AM
  Daily Jackpot @1PM 50 LP 13 Cards 1500 01:00 PM
  Daily Jackpot @5PM 75 LP 13 Cards 2000 05:00 PM
  Daily Jackpot @10PM 100 LP 13 Cards 2500 10:00 PM
  RummyRush 20 13 Cards 1000 03:00 PM
  Rummy Rockers @ 7 PM 10 13 Cards 500 07:00 PM
  Rummy Rockers @ 9 PM 10 13 Cards 500 09:00 PM
  Rummy Gladiator 65 13 Cards 5000 11:00 PM
  Bronze Club FREE 13 Cards 5000 09:30 PM
  Rummy Bash Satty @ 7.30 PM 50 13 Cards Entry Ticket for Rummy Bash Finale 07:30 PM
*FO-Freezeout, RE+1A-Rebuy &/Addon, RE- Re-entry

Rummy Tournaments Schedule at

strong>Your favourite rummy cash tournaments just got more exciting!

Ardent rummy fans, you can find a Rummy cash tournament or Freeroll tournaments 24/7 or throughout the year, only here! If you love playing tourneys and are looking for one now, this is the one stop shop!

Freeroll tournaments and rummy cash tournaments are open all time for those itching to flex their rummy skills. Thanks to this wonderful schedule, you will never miss a game table especially when you are looking for one.

strong>Why this rummy tournaments schedule?

Well, all rummy sites have some tournament schedule. But the hallmark of this one is that it’s made keeping the needs of the vast fan base. Cash players, free players, serious ones and the beginners are all taken into account in this schedule.  Which is what makes it appealing to many rummy game players online.

strong>What’s in the schedule?

Dates for Rummy Tournaments, Freeroll tournaments, buy in requirements for Rummy Cash Tournaments, card formats, prize pool info, tourney timings are all neatly captured here.

You could get used to Regulars like the Weekend Whistle or Freeroll Tournaments, but the less frequent and super exciting rummy cash tournaments need to be listed so you don’t forget.

strong>Get the most out of rummy tournaments…a few tips:

  • A number of Freeroll tournaments and rummy cash tournaments are organised on Weekends.  Use the opportunity to increase your hands counts, game ratio and indulge in high multiplier games to increase loyalty and winning chances.
  • Some rummy tournaments start at 12am to give serious players a time advantage. Night owls, here is your chance! Day birds, take advantage of Freeroll tournaments and rummy cash tournaments morning and evening.

Download rummy tournaments schedule and never miss a cash winning game again!


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