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Vijaya Kaandam Rummy Tournament at Adda52 Rummy     


Vijaya Kaandam Rummy Tourney at Adda52 Rummy is calling all hands…your rummy passion is your only ticket!!

Welcome to another enthralling rummy event, the Dussehra rummy Tournament 2017 at!! It is aptly named Rummy Vijaya Kaandam Tourney for it falls around Dussehra, the Indian celebration of victory.

Adda52Rummy Dussehra Tournament is spread across four exciting days, 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th September 2017. You will see a fresh Rummy Tourney under the Vijaya Kaandam series beginning with a cash prize of Rupees 50 thousand and ascending to Rupees 1 lakh and eventually reaching a crescendo at Rupees 3 lakh!!!

We have had fans raving over our earlier events and needless to say craving for more. So, we thought, why wait for Diwali? We bring you Dussehra Rummy tournaments 2017!!

What’s more! This Dussehra rummy tournament is not only a cash bonanza!

As a part of the Vijaya Kaandam Rummy offer, you get rewarded for your loyalty too. 50 loyalty points accrue to players along with prize winnings!!

All you players must take advantage of this Dussehra Rummy Tournament? Ask why? Because Vijaya Kaandam offers cash prizes to 60 players for each tourney and a total grand pool of 180 players will be given cash prizes for the final tourney! Awesome is the only word that can occur now!

It does look like knows its Rummy player population like no other! Because no other online rummy site is serving a Vijaya Kaandam rummy tournament in 2017!

It is not just this Dussehra Rummy card game event but the site can boast of several other outstanding rummy tournaments. And for each and every occasion, has only delighted its players and no less.

You must now be looking forward to enrolling at the Rummy Vijaya Kaandam. Getting into the tournament is very simple. Register for the tournament effortlessly and play on! Cash players of course have special benefits, so you will have to refer to the site to find out how to become a cash player. Look at the tournament details in particular to understand how catch players can take advantage.

Rummy fans never let go of a challenge easily. To win the Vijaya Kaandam, quickly ramp up your Rummy skills by playing on the practice tables right from now. With enough homework, you can easily beat the experts at the thrilling 3 lakh prize.

Ardent rummy players, come get cracking!! Access practice tables at here.

Thrilling 3 lakhs waiting for you!! Register now to play the Dussehra 2017 Vijaya Kaandam online Rummy tournament.

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